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Carbs overflowed - Gas out the turbo

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Hi, not too sure how it happened, but after tidying up the fuel system to make it more efficent/less restrictive and swapping larger main jets in (not even touching the floats) the bike wouldn't start, and acted like a dead battery. It was dark and I couldn't smell anything, so I tried jumping it to no avail. Then I stood the bike up and watched in horror as a metric ass ton of gas came right out the turbo air filter. 

I took the plugs out and cranked it over, bit of gas in cyl 2, and an extreme amount in cyl 1, it seemed to last forever. I checked the plenum, bone dry. Nothing immediately in the pitot either, although it could have been since the was gas in the charge pipe right off the compressor housing. The wastegate exhaust pipe has gas in it too. 

I'm planning to take the floats out and inspect, but is there anything else to look out for that might've caused this? 

Could I have fucked a rod trying to crank it over?

I obviously need to change the oil too, but how about getting rid of the leftover gas in the compressor of the turbo? 

Anything else to look out for? 



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Welp, without touching a single asclet of the regulator I went from 0 psi to the carbs to 10 psi. Obviously there's my issue, but as to why, I still have no clue. absolutely praying I don't have a Bent rod.

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10 hours ago, Joseph said:

No point asking now but didn't you remove the plugs and turn it by hand ? 

Cranked it with the starter. Cyls are dry now. Putting it back together today with new oil and praying I didn't bend a rod because of a single kinked line.

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6 hours ago, no class said:

highly doubt you bent a rod ….. not enough force from a starter motor to do that .

Yep, got everything back together, ran like shit for the first minute but stabilized out. On the bright side, the new mains set my afr to a nice 12.5 on full boost, on the down side, I keep popping the plenum boots off the carbs. I have hose clamps on but the awkward shape of the carb prevents them from doing too much. What do you guys use to secure yours? 

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Damn.....it hurts when you read questions like this.

No sane person drills and taps the rubbers, unless they want to stuff NOS foggers in there.

Just use a bit of imagination, to see where the carb rubber is mounted, and use the same screw to hold that strap on.

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, clivegto said:

Small bit of stainless steel 90° angle mounted to the carb rubber mount. It's not rocket science lol.  IMG_20210704_203032.thumb.jpg.65ef73e90d0ebf9a0bbad36eb9cee51d.jpg

Right, excuse my stupidity. Pictures looked like the screw was going into the boot at first glance. And PS I have drilled carb boots to mount stuff on ATV's before without issue. Wouldn't want to do it on a turbo bike though. 

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