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  1. Awesome! Much appreciated, thanks Clive!
  2. Never taken a turbo apart what so ever so wanted to ask some grown ups 1st! Cool cool, that sounds pretty straight forward!
  3. Digging this back up again, waste gate actuator was replaced for a kingawa one. Massive improvement on how boost comes on and creep BUT problem is still there. Is boring out the waste gate as straight forward a job as YouTube would have me believe? Anything complicated in pulling the turbo apart? Thanks guys
  4. A brace from carb rubbers to the plenum. Stops the plenum from moving back and popping off
  5. A pirelli diablo supercorsa 180/60 scrubs hard on my chain, a continental race attack has about 10mm clearance.
  6. Old pic Fbm kit 1216 Busa pistons, carillo rods, ihi bb turbo Not being dynod. Hoping around 250 when set up Hoping to have it on the road again ASAP
  7. If you don't want to leave tape on, buy a cheapo hose coupling things (so you can clamp two hoses together) do that up most the way, slide it up so the cut end bit of hose is in it and then put the end fitting on. By miles the easiest way I've done it
  8. A mate has offered to make me a stainless one. He's very handy on a lathe. I will take him up on it but it'll be ages until it happens. That dust seal would be handy!
  9. I've thought about it in the past but I like the hydraulic clutch. Thats what happened to the last one but there was pitting on the piston under the seal. Lasted a few months but leaked again while stood up over winter. Found a nearly new one on Eblag from Lithuania. Will turn up one day. I've had another one powder coated so will Rob the piston out of the new one. Hoping that sorts it!
  10. Ahoy! So..... I have an extensive collection of slave cylinders. They all fucking leak, changed seals etc. The pistons are in a pretty crappy state. Is there any other bikes you can steal them off?
  11. Tim Blakemore is in Bristol for dyno. Who I intend to see with mine at some point
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