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  1. Deffo not the a30 and there aren't any roads towards the lizard or st.Austell with massive straights and no turn offs Impressive that 3rd gear roll ons never see above 70mph
  2. OK. Again going off what dave recommended and put together. I'll have a see if there's any identification on it. I'll probably pick up at some point then. Sounds like a good solution and a lot cheaper and easier than an external set up!
  3. I've had a total mental block on what models they were! I ask dave if he remembers and he said Either a 23 “ 28 or 29. I thought it was a 34 and something. It is on a stock actuator. I havent checked the diaphragm in it for holes bit I will. The arm coming out the turbo connecting to the valve is whats in the way but I've seen people machining this down rewelding. Are the kingawa actuators OK then? If I can so the above you you've not had issues would resolve a bunch of problems! Thanks!
  4. Sooooooooooo, My internal waste gate is set too 16psi but it doesn't stay there long! It will just keep going up and up. I have an IHI vf hybrid and i've read this is a common-ish problem. Anyone else had an issue and what was a resolve? Im assuming an external waste gate will be best? I do have a bit of a fitment issue as the WG actuator arm sits pretty much in my oil filter and has twice stabbed a hole in it in 1500 miles!
  5. Dave said for me to stick with the f lump on mine. IHI bb turbo, 16psi and fingers crossed about 260bhp. Be it it's only done 1500 miles the oil in it looks new and no glittery business. Also have had some boost creep issues and seen 22psi a few times. Very much still in one piece
  6. Nice! Head stock bearings, wheel bearings, yokes not tight/bent. All worth a check
  7. Ahoy! Would 34mm teapot carbs work on 36mm rubbers? I.E are they the same? The ones I have on my bike are a bit of a loose/ easy to take in and out. It back fires like fuck when cold on the most part and improves when warm. afr shows lean spikes while backfiring
  8. What I did on mine too. Mostly for the lack of room i have. External fuel reg still
  9. This is some from a 88 gsx600f on Eblag. Same single fuel inlet
  10. These are the carbs. Only difference we can see so far is the fuel inlet/s stripping them down now.
  11. I'll get a pic up tomorrow. Felt like I was going mad having the side by side as they'd been on a gsx600f but weren't sure if they were the right ones for it
  12. Inside and out they look identical. Tin tops, 34mm. Just one is duel inlet.
  13. After a lot of head scratching and some dumb luck with carbs I think I dont have 1100 ones. I thought they were different sizes but I'm not sure. I have two sets in front of me. One set has 2 fuel inlets, the other 1. The carb rebuild kit i bought had parts that weren't the same. Assumed they fucked up. If anyone could shed some light on it that would be handy! Thanks guys
  14. The core dimensions are actually a fair bit bigger than a regular 19 row being 260x150. The dual one is 352x140. I think with the idea of it snaking though is it spends more time in the cooler making it kewl
  15. It used to be upside down but doesn't fit with the turbo anymore, fittings touch the manifold. Width is the issue as my yolks hitting the 180 degree top fittings with little effort. Either need a wider cooler which means new brackets etc too and i think are fuck ugly or something I can side fit. I can't see why it would be an issue as regardless of what the cooler is doing (within reason) the hose is controlling the flow rate. I used to run a head cooler too but next to fuck all space now to fit that either. This explains it...... I tried and I didn't get my explaination https://www
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