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  1. Well I did the math and buying a proboost manifold + a Chinese td05 would actually be more cost effective, so I think I'll go with that, fabricating one looks pretty difficult. Thanks guys
  2. True, he said they're booked up with full kits, in January, still gonna ask again though
  3. I'll try and send him another message to see, he told me he couldn't about a month ago
  4. Good to hear. how difficult was it? I'm pretty new to welding anything, and my fab skills aren't the best
  5. The last major piece of my turbo bandit puzzle is the exhaust manifold. my turbo is a tf035, which doesn't fit the l proboost manifold. I've contacted big cc and a few others, and either got no response after a week or so or was told they couldn't make one at the moment. I'm pretty new to welding, and only have MIG available. would it be possible to weld up a manifold with MIG instead of TIG? making my own seems like the only option without spending $700. Thanks.
  6. For busa pistons on std rods, should I used the wrist pins that came with the busa pistons, or the ones that were originally in the motor? thanks.
  7. Haven't mocked it up yet, would probably sit around the left knee
  8. of course I do, im 17! no, but I got a used sequental BOV and just wanted that little tickle of noise at low speeds or free revving, oh well
  9. Just curious about whether or not you guys could even hear your BOV go off. Personally I'd like to be able to hear it, but im assuming the wind noise and exhaust noise would overpower it. Anyone have a different experience?
  10. Aha, that'll do it! thanks for the turbo advice too, sounds like a solid method
  11. That clears it up for me, I wasn't sure if the mk1 b12s were more oil or air cooled. On another loosely oil related note, should I use an oil pressure gauge off my oil feed line to the turbo to gauge whether or not I need a restrictor? its for a td04. I saw someone said to measure the amount of oil going to it, but I'm confused if its the oil volume or pressure that I should be checking. Thanks
  12. Really, busa studs would fit a 1200?
  13. Hi, I decided to use APE HD head studs and nuts in my turbo build, but the other day on a turbo bike FB group I saw someone mention that a top end oiling kit would be necessary as the HD studs would restrict oil flow through the studs. is this true? Are there any other ways around it? thanks.
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