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  1. Clever, file that away for later. THX
  2. Nice mod! What gauge ya going to use.
  3. Can you post up a pic or two of your new pump?
  4. Facet electric or crank driven Emtes style pump would be better. What your looking at is very old, probably early 90s, needs reed valve behind the screen to work. imho, nfg and dated.
  5. 55,000km turbo'd 1100 with Ape studs, OEM top end oiling no issues.
  6. I understand that with kwak 750 liners a 810 kit is possible.
  7. I've got one, non runner, all there but rough. Are you planning on modifying it?
  8. So that boost gauge is pneaumatic and has backlights?
  9. I think we need some pictures of your setup.
  10. Welcome to OSS, Awesome bike! Where in Canada are you located?
  11. Right on dude!!!! post up video or it didn't happen.
  12. Awesome! and congratulations.
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