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  1. Awesome! and congratulations.
  2. Dam! Those look good.
  3. Right on dude, new belt looks great! No doubt the HSR is the way forward, 42?
  4. Awesome find, you are one lucky bastid to find that! Trade ya my left nut?
  5. Right on! Good luck and keep the pics coming.
  6. Jezubs, that's a lot of crap right there!!!
  7. Money shot for sure! If it looks as good in person that alone was worth the road trip.
  8. Nice idea with the lathe, will try that next time. I rough cut mine then jubilee clamped them onto a solid blank, stationary disk sander to finish. Slow and straight
  9. I got 55,000 km on my Emtes pump, no issues except my first catchtank was to small. After chatting with Micheal we determined my tank size calc was way off doh!
  10. The Emtes pump was made by Mikeal Karlson ( MKR Racing ) He still makes them, Don't have his address anymore but you should be able contact him through face ache.
  11. Yep, that's normal, grind a bit off the oil passage casting and chamfer the rod bolt. Good to go.
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