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  1. These quick needle change tops are very nice, you see them on race bikes like OW01 and GSX-R RK. Usually, they go hand in hand with a central fuel release fitting, where you can change main jets, without having to unscrew whole float chamber. Do you want to sell the carbs or use them ?
  2. Could get my hands on one of these brand new (looks chinese altough ...), and was wandering if it might be of use for a 600 or 750 blow through application. Does anyone have a flow map ? Could not find any on Google
  3. Dont want to ruin your evening, but.. You forgot the chain too
  4. WOW - what a cool bike ! I'd leave it as it is
  5. Cool bike - i can see a challenge ! For Oil filling you might need a 5 year old, to get his hands within the frame rails to open up the filler cap
  6. I did cut out the flattened parts, reshaped them, and welded them in again on mild steel yoshimura systems. Piece of cake
  7. FJD

    ring gap

    You need to weld them up, to get from 0.7 clearance to 0.40 .......
  8. Just resleeve the can, dont know about the midpipe
  9. FJD

    Swirl's Harris

    Ahh - now i see - there´s even a sticker on it that tells it
  10. FJD

    Swirl's Harris

    Never understood why people BUY stickers (or even paint a bike with commercial advertising) and put them on their own stuff, to advertise for someone elses business. Maybe to inform the unknown onlooker what he is looking at ?
  11. Hi, i want to fit a slimmer chain kit, original is 630, and i´ve seen 530 as well. But i want even slimmer, as today´s chains are way stronger than back in the day. I did not find anything suitable yet - any recommendations ?
  12. Damn.....it hurts when you read questions like this. No sane person drills and taps the rubbers, unless they want to stuff NOS foggers in there. Just use a bit of imagination, to see where the carb rubber is mounted, and use the same screw to hold that strap on.
  13. Get some actual jets in there (i found some reference online when i converted mine years ago - do your research), then reduce main jet size approx by 2.5-5 increments. Will crisp up your fuelling, they come on song approx in the last third of rev-range, and are worth it.
  14. Yeah...and you could speak some prayers on a graveyard around midnight too....don't believe in that BS - ditzing in water won't do nothing to your carbs, maybe the screws get rusty - thats all. Do it properly !
  15. +2 on this subject, the bigger hole will be difficult to keep tight
  16. I had these headers on my Yamaha, and they were absolutely great, and gave very good power too
  17. FJD

    Sticky valve ??

    I would try to get it running first - rusty valve seats maybe
  18. There is no need to only have two S's.....i have three of them.
  19. Just bought a set of new 78 mm MTC pistons intended for a kwaker GPZ - they have 17mm pins, i will get them machined to 18 mm to fit the GS
  20. the GS 1000 here is a 2-valve head
  21. So block arrived, must be 78.0 bores as my dials show, will get them measuted more accurate and start finding some pistons and rings. Anyone has some Wiseco, MTC or JE part numbers i can feed google with ?
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