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  1. Funny thing is: some parts get stiff over time, others won't get stiff after time....
  2. I have a 99 12 Bandit, which has an oil valve stem problem me thinks its oiling plug 1&2 when start up from cold, smokes, and plugs fire only when cap is removed/refitted, runs fine then. So i think of pulling the head, but as spring is approaching, i dont like to take the whole engine out. Is it do-able ? Lowering engine required ?
  3. Sorry, too long ago to remember details, but chain off rear sprocket, exhaust off, car jack under engine, and out with engine bolts. Not sure about rear top spindle thou, you will have to try
  4. Exactly....i once bought a 750 with molten airbox cheap...replacing it included a lot of nasty words.... Btw: the 1200 ran great with oem setup, und just a aftermarket silencer
  5. Nice one ! Can you share some details ?
  6. Good fun these airbox moves on the Inazuma 750 and 1200....to get them in/out without destroying you need to lower the engine in the frame......what a lot of shite work.....ask me how i know
  7. FJD

    My noisy Harris

    here are some pics from last year, when i bought it, assembled it, and first rode it for a testrun
  8. FJD

    My noisy Harris

    No, not happening, Austrian vehicle authorities are not that easy to mess with, and my GSX 1100 will keep it's engine. I am more than happy to have a street legal bike, will not risk that.
  9. FJD

    My noisy Harris

    So, the story of me and this bike: I live in Austria, close to Vienna, and have always been a fan of motorcycles, especially of "Specials" Someday, this Harris with 750 GSX engine came up for sale in Vienna, completly disassembled, in boxes, but with full Austrian documents to get it on the road (this is very rare). I was the lucky one to buy it, and dragged it home, and after a while started to build it up again.
  10. FJD

    My noisy Harris

    More details yet to come....
  11. This weekend i made a testrun after carb jetting adjustments, did not pull cleanly before. So, the Yoshimura isn't quiet at all, but all of a sudden it started screaming loud, so pulled over to find this:
  12. Oh so tasty !!!!! Damn is that sexy
  13. FJD

    Kph to mph

    Divide through 1.6 might do it....
  14. Can you please post a picture - im very interested.
  15. These quick needle change tops are very nice, you see them on race bikes like OW01 and GSX-R RK. Usually, they go hand in hand with a central fuel release fitting, where you can change main jets, without having to unscrew whole float chamber. Do you want to sell the carbs or use them ?
  16. Could get my hands on one of these brand new (looks chinese altough ...), and was wandering if it might be of use for a 600 or 750 blow through application. Does anyone have a flow map ? Could not find any on Google
  17. Dont want to ruin your evening, but.. You forgot the chain too
  18. WOW - what a cool bike ! I'd leave it as it is
  19. Cool bike - i can see a challenge ! For Oil filling you might need a 5 year old, to get his hands within the frame rails to open up the filler cap
  20. I did cut out the flattened parts, reshaped them, and welded them in again on mild steel yoshimura systems. Piece of cake
  21. FJD

    ring gap

    You need to weld them up, to get from 0.7 clearance to 0.40 .......
  22. Just resleeve the can, dont know about the midpipe
  23. FJD

    Swirl's Harris

    Ahh - now i see - thereĀ“s even a sticker on it that tells it
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