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  1. Thats an ordinary silver metallic with green and gold decals. Modern photos of same thing here : https://moto-station.com/moto-revue/essai/retro-suzuki-gsx-1100-1979-1981 I think what @imagois talking about is just a yellowed out vintage photo of the same thing ?
  2. TL has 32mm axle ? Cant you find compatible bearings to fit the rim to the 20mm bandit spindle ?
  3. Yes it is a perfectly good and compact unit. I used mine daily, swapped over through my katana, gsx1100, teapot 750 and ZX12R. Thats around 5-6 years of use, through all weather and seasons, cold winter starts etc and never let me down As with any lithium battery (and even lead batteries benefit from it), if it is cold in the morning, you need to put headlights on full beam for a minute of so, to heat up the battery and get it cranking fine
  4. Just remembered that I have used these in the pas for GSX/GSXR Very good durable quality and good cranking capacity, but you have to like the Anderson clip connector system https://www.masolise.com/batterie-de-demarrage/22-batterie-de-demarrage-lithium-cca240-12v.html 110x55x75 makes it quite small, and going by the measures you gave it should actually fit the tray you've got ?
  5. Was the question "whats the cheapest battery ?"
  6. https://www.antigravitybatteries-uk.co.uk/small-case-type-batteries/antigravity-battery-ag1601.html They provide the smallest batteries on the market i think ?
  7. RF wheels are the same as Bandit wheels, i'm guessing gen 1 bandit could do ?
  8. Yeah nobody retains the 200 tyre on bikes that are fitted with them standard. When i got my ZX12 that i dailyed for a year the rear tyre was shot. It went through several but i always used a 180. Did look the business from behind with the stocker though
  9. @george 1100probably
  10. Aren't the 40s notoriously difficult to setup anyway ?
  11. What do you call "their recommended settings" ? Sounds like you could do with much larger main jets
  12. Yeah off the top of my head shouldn't there be a couple of mm left between the tabs upon decent final tightening ?
  13. 750 header is not as tall as the Bandit one, problably why you are experiencing contact An 1100 4-2-1 should work fine with the B12 sump
  14. I've always heard good things about CB500s
  15. Yeah it is the theory, it doesn't take in account wind resistance and all the real life factors when you're on the road. That said the 16 43 i'm using is with my 1216/cams/head/RS full package so it has more than enough to pull the bike
  16. Nope that would be 11000, i wrote the lowest end of the graph i asked for on GC (5000-11000)
  17. RS36 and RS38 are still to this day produced with the same OD, and same OD as BST36 carbs. That should help work out what rubbers are needed.
  18. Primaries : GSXR 750 : 1.74 GSXF 1100 : 1.523 GSXR 1127 : 1.56
  19. Joseph

    More et mods

    Could have used a WC part and just had a square section channel welded to the arm
  20. Joseph

    More et mods

    You can also use an alloy GSXR caliper arm by fitting it to the center stand mount on the frame
  21. It's fast enough as it is. Spend your money on K generation GSXR forks, rims, brakes and a decent shock You may find the performance of the bike will be greatly improved for less money than cams, pistons, bearings etc
  22. The initial question wasn't "is it good to use a 6 speed box in an 1127". And the first response gave the required info anyway
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