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GSXR1100 Friction plate questions

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Hi, I have a GSXR1100J clutch (the one with 11 friction plates and 4 springs) that I cant get to release and I suspect the friction plates. All of my 11 plates are identical but I seem to remember someone saying that the inner most plate should be lower/different. When I look at the exploded view on the micro fiches all of the 11 plates LOOK identical, but I'm running out of ideas to try so I thought I'd ask.

Another possible source of my problem might be the master cylinder (it's a Bandit engine). My pressure plate moves 2.2 mm when I pull the lever. Is that normal/enough for the plates to disengage?

Any help appreciated.


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Yes they are all the same - frictions are 2.6mm thick and steels are 2mm thick. The slave cylinder movement sounds too small though - 2.2mm spread across the pack is less than 0.1mm between any plate? I know they only have to crack but i'd expect more?

Just looked on Alphasports and Blandit clutch has fewer plates and fibres are mostly thinner - so the Blandit slave could be the issue?

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14 minutes ago, motohead said:


I guess I'm looking for a wire operated (non-hydraulic) setup or a standard Bandit clutch then.

Or change to a GSXR 1100 clutch slave - cheaper than a whole clutch! I can't imagine they will be different but difficult to tell. Just out of interest what clutch master cylinder are you using? It may not be moving enough fluid hence the reduced movement? I used a Yam. FZR master on my Kawazuki that worked good with a 1100L engine/clutch.

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17.5 mm for a clutch master cylinder is huge so it should shift enough fluid. Also, it really isn't clear what engine/cluitch you have. Do you have a slabside 1100 clutch (1100J) in a 1200 Blandit engine? The slabside and Blandit slave cylinders have different sizes, presumably because the Blandit clutch is so different. Personally I would change the slave to one from an 1100 slabside or do a cable conversion using 600 blandit/750 teapot bits and take it from there.

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