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  1. No, but will try to get hold of one. /D
  2. I'm using an ISR 17,5 mm master cylinder (like this: https://www.isrbrakes.se/products/mastercylinders/21-014.html). I'm beginning to suspect that it doesn't move enough fluid. I'm gonna call the guy who makes them (a fellow Swede) tomorrow and ask for some specs.
  3. Thanks. I guess I'm looking for a wire operated (non-hydraulic) setup or a standard Bandit clutch then.
  4. Okidoki. I'm from Sweden, 52 years of age and I am currently building a Kawa z1000j/Bandit1200 hybrid. Best regards.
  5. Hi, I have a GSXR1100J clutch (the one with 11 friction plates and 4 springs) that I cant get to release and I suspect the friction plates. All of my 11 plates are identical but I seem to remember someone saying that the inner most plate should be lower/different. When I look at the exploded view on the micro fiches all of the 11 plates LOOK identical, but I'm running out of ideas to try so I thought I'd ask. Another possible source of my problem might be the master cylinder (it's a Bandit engine). My pressure plate moves 2.2 mm when I pull the lever. Is that normal/enough for the plates
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