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Another turbo slingshot

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So bike is GSX-R 1100M. Got it pretty cheap and only problem was that it wasn't running at all.


After cleaning carbs, replacing gaskets, new spark plugs and filled it with new gas got it running pretty well. Transmission works perfectly and overall engine condition seems very good.

Then started to make some electrical and bodywork modifications. And of course slam it with turbo.


After making a few new exhaust bolt threads got the new manifold mounted. Exhaust manifold is from ProBoost and turbo is modified TD05-16G.


As for carb modifications, blocked stock diaphragm venting hoses with aluminium pieces and glue. Installed and glued new metal T-pieces for fuel bowl venting. Also drilled new 5mm diaphragm venting holes to plenum side. Jetting is stock.



Couldn't fit stock oil cooler so I bought universal chinese oil cooler with AN8 fittings and made new oil lines with Torques couplings and adapters. Cooler is mounted at the bottom with stock rubber mounts and also I put OEM style round dampeners on top.



Next step was to fabricate mounting plate for fuel system components. 


Fuel pump: PIERBURG 7.21440.78.0
Filter: WIX WF8033
Fuel regulator: Malpassi

Bracket was mounted at the old airbox location.



Next step was to fabricate exhaust, electricals and new tail fairings. Also made case for fuel pressure gauge and installed it.


Tail fairing is from Kawasaki ZX-6R 03/04.


Got it all assembled and fired up. Had some problems with idle and after boost rpm fluctuation but that was fixed with rising fuel pressure (0.15bar at idle).

Current state:


Because everything is stock i'm running with 0.7bar boost. In there future i'm going to rebuild that engine to withstand more boost.

TODO next:
- Install some kind of oil catch can. I'm getting pretty much oil out from those small filters, especially one which is mounted on oil fill plug. Advices?

- Clutch started slipping... Which brand clutch should I buy? Maybe go for lock-up also?


Thank you for your interest!

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Catch can / bottle - yes about a litre capacity either open or closed with vent. Clutch - only use OEM parts. Stock springs and a lock-up is best solution and generally use either mineral or semi synth oil - anything that doesn't contain 'friction modifiers'. And stock pistons may not last long even at 'only' 0.7 bar boost!

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I'm using castrol power 1 10W-40 semi synth oil. Who is the "best" supplier for lock-up clutches and also delivers to Finland?

0.7 bar boost is the lowest that turbo bypass can go. I've adjusted bypass actuator rod as long as it can be.

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Finally had time to install PLX wideband. Summary:
20-60km/h: afr 16
90-110km/h: afr 14.7
Full throttle: afr 11

Adjusted mixture screws by those results which are 3 full turns out now, so theres a need for bigger pilot jets.

Full throttle afr is concerning rich. Current main jets are 125, maybe go for a size smaller?

Found a local supplier for lock-ups.


Also installed new OEM full clutch pack. No more slipping :banana:



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12 hours ago, Baron said:

Full throttle: afr 11

Full throttle afr is concerning rich. Current main jets are 125, maybe go for a size smaller?


Also installed new OEM full clutch pack. No more slipping :banana:

AFR - not too bad, its safe rich, not slobbery rich - maybe 122.5 MJ could help? Deffo slightly fatter pilot will help.

And with all that weight on the clutch - I should hope it doesn't slip LOL! I just have screws and nuts for many hundreds of hp's :tu

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