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  1. Yeah, 0.7 bar boost. Haven't made changes on jettings, so still running with stocks.
  2. I paid a visit at dyno shop at got some numbers. 227hp on wheel and 163nm.
  3. Finally had time to install PLX wideband. Summary: 20-60km/h: afr 16 90-110km/h: afr 14.7 Full throttle: afr 11 Adjusted mixture screws by those results which are 3 full turns out now, so theres a need for bigger pilot jets. Full throttle afr is concerning rich. Current main jets are 125, maybe go for a size smaller? Found a local supplier for lock-ups. Also installed new OEM full clutch pack. No more slipping
  4. I'm using castrol power 1 10W-40 semi synth oil. Who is the "best" supplier for lock-up clutches and also delivers to Finland? 0.7 bar boost is the lowest that turbo bypass can go. I've adjusted bypass actuator rod as long as it can be.
  5. So bike is GSX-R 1100M. Got it pretty cheap and only problem was that it wasn't running at all. After cleaning carbs, replacing gaskets, new spark plugs and filled it with new gas got it running pretty well. Transmission works perfectly and overall engine condition seems very good. Then started to make some electrical and bodywork modifications. And of course slam it with turbo. After making a few new exhaust bolt threads got the new manifold mounted. Exhaust manifold is from ProBoost and turbo is modified TD05-16G. As for carb modificatio
  6. Thanks for your replies! I raised fuel pressure to 0.15bar and that seemed to fix this fluctuation problem. I just received my plx afr gauge and will install it next.
  7. I have a couple of years experience with building and tuning N/A oilburners and now I made my first FI bike. Setup Bike: 1100 GSXR 1991 Fuel pump: PIERBURG 7.21440.78.0 Filter: WIX WF8033 Turbo: TD05-16G Carbs: Stock 40mm - Drilled 5mm holes from carb intake to under diaphragm - Blocked stock breather hoses with glue and aluminium pieces - Vent bowl breathers connected into pitot tube located on charge pipe - Jetting: stock 125 main jets, stock (14.6mm) fuel level, needle on third (middle) slot, mixture screw 2 turns out. Fuel regulator: Malpassi Gauges: fuel pressure
  8. I have problem of choosing which bike I start to modify. Idea atm is to install turbo on it and drive with mild boost <0.7. Later build big bore engine and hit some more boost. What bikes I have: 1. White 7/11, so K 750 frame and powerscreen engine with stock 34 bst carbs and V&H exhaust. 2. Black stock M 1100. Stock 40mm bst carbs and all. 3. K 750 frame. Had blown engine, got all parts to build complete bike. And what else parts I got laying: - 115 000km driven 1127 powerscreen engine, working well.
  9. Sorry for being curious but how can u blow up oil cooled engine?
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