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  1. Bolt 14 holds the shaft in place and the plug bolt in the head stops the pressurized oil escaping. I think that the thread was there to aid removal of the shaft, Is the other end solid?
  2. Powerscreen has a helical cut gear on the basket where as the bandit is straight cut, I know it doesn't answer your question.
  3. Just ideas:- Falicon rods Busa and not gsxr1100 (119.5mm instead of 117mm), stroker crank (I think you would have noticed and would have had clearance issues), decked block (seems a lot to have skimmed off) or pistons not to spec. What block is it 1052, 1127 or 1157? 1052 ran a 58mm stroke crank, others 59mm stroke. Don't know if 1052 block is shorter to make up for the shorter stroke.
  4. BST36SS (Mk1 bandit 1200) carbs are 42mm o/d and have been fitted to GSX1100 (https://www.theflyingbanana.com/gsxrcarbies.htm). Not sure on the push pull throttle.
  5. jameskat

    oil coolant

    www.carlsalter.com has free to download manuals, there are drawings of the cylinder head cooling system in the manuals but I have not seen a cooling oil pressure, only lubricating oil pressure.
  6. ART is a Japanese company and supply a lot of motorcycle manufactures. By the the look of the pistons they are forged like the ones for the hayabusa (81mm), so would measure the gudgeon pin etc and seeing if they match any production motorcycles.
  7. Normal you should keep both points on the island, so in theory you will just be blowing through hot air towards the top end of the rev range.
  8. For a GSX1100S the service manual Inlet valve stem O.D. 5.460mm - 5.475mm Exhaust valve stem O.D. 5.445mm - 5.460mm
  9. If you have a recessed petrol cap then the pipe is there to drain water away, if you don't have it then there is a good chance you will get water in your petrol tank. Bandit tanks suffer from this pipe rusting through and draining water into the tank, some owners just block the pipe at the top and bottom and carry on as normal, its not the right way but each to their own etc.
  10. Oil pressure switch says 1100.
  11. After looking at photos online it does look very much like a CBR900 gearbox, does not look like a hayabusa or gsx1400.
  12. 6 speed, what looks like a double output bearing, don't know, but could be gsx1400, hayabusa or something else.
  13. Looks like stock forged busa pistons to me, cast pistons usually have a lot more surface detail in them.
  14. jameskat

    Electrical issue

    Both coils will have one wire which is the same colour as on the other coil ie: wiring for 2 coils =2 orange, 1 white, 1 black with yellow trace, in this case the 2 orange cables would be replaced temporarily with wires direct from the battery + (through a switch would be good ( note this is an un-fused supply so be careful )) this will bypass the ignition switch, side stand relay and kill switch.The ignitor will still be supplied by a questionable + supply but to temporarily replace this you would need a switch to turn the bike off. This is just a test procedure to identify if and where you have an issue. The relay that you put in should have been put in on the orange wire wiring run that runs to the alternator and is for voltage regulation and should not affect anything else. It is so much easier for for me to do these things than it it is to write it down so I am sorry if it does not read well.
  15. jameskat

    Electrical issue

    Unlikely, but could be, so run a new temporary cable from the battery to the coils to test if it is that side of the circuit (disconnect when not in use).
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