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  1. Be good to see your fuel side piping to see how neat it is I'm hoping to start my build off again in coming weeks so always open for ideas so pics be good Cheers
  2. Mounting hole different for mids but could make a bracket up The fairings on a 750 and 1100 are different and need the matching headlight bracket to work Not sure about lowers But my 1100k has 750k upper and mids will be running turbo so not wanting a belly pan
  3. Can tell under the dust there’s something decent there love a slabby over any other something about them
  4. You are very kind and appreciate the offer thank you Fortunately I worked it out after reading up and turns out I've replaced my 87 forks with 88 forks that has 3 spoke 18 wheels and they are 20mm spindle I managed to make space and also pull out of my other one Excuse the mess Job for weekend to knock something up Yours looks like it needs some love you got some pics of it
  5. Anyone able to measure the front end spacers and diameters for the standard 1100 front end Will get measurements of what I've got tomorrow after work but I'm at a loss the forks I've removed are different to these I got now So just putting it out there tonight incase someone is stripping a slabby front for a clean up tomorrow to help me out until I can get to my project bike Thanks
  6. After a cool down think I've worked it out Alarm bells rang when other didnt have the reducer In The right fork possibly been bored out and a bigger spindle been used as the guy I got them off ran these on another bike years ago and said he couldn't remember what mods he did to them
  7. I'm sure my garage has a black hole in it I cant find my spindle and spacers but I've loads of spindles from other bikes all mixed that it could have gone into I just dont know what it looks like as I've changed my forks and on the right side my original ones that was knackered had a sleeve inside them but no sleeve in the left side So I've knocked this out and put that sleeve in the new forks I'm assuming it has a larger diameter at one side just before the speedo drive Pics and sizes be good as I'm at a loss and my heads gone Thanks
  8. Cheers I'll have a look at that might end up just slotting these back in to allow it to roll and do the originals so no error No tyres on but sure will let it get back in its storage place
  9. So I've a 1100k that I want to put some new rubber on and have the wheels refreshed but dont want to be storing it on stands till my guy I use for powdercoating does his business So I've got in the garage a set of gsxr slingshot wheels not sure if 750 or 1100 and wondered if they are all the same as long as rear is a 5.5 like my 1100 is Just makes it easier to do it this way just that I'm unsure and my knowledge of wheels isn't up there Thanks
  10. One of mine complete and running the other is next to recieved some treatment
  11. Few little jobs left to do on them all but got them all up and running Been building the red L up over past couple of weeks clearing out the boxes of parts that the last owner bagged and tagged up as he stripped it down but never got round to building back up Advance 12 year or so and I've done it Onto the next one that I've all the parts for that I've been collecting to complete it back to standard
  12. Not sure if showed this one of already but since had the garage out got this one running aswell
  13. Not bad condition for 30 year old bike
  14. That be great if you could if it's no trouble Just getting things in place ready to try complete a build thread for once 3 exhaust studs are on the out over next few days and I can get some pics put up then
  15. You could be right about the battery bit of a dangerous game Also what size fuse would you run for the loom Cheers
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