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gsx 750/1100

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5 minutes ago, mark35gun said:

thats the jockey, (y) use et needle maybe?, not sure what you mean "slit"

was it easy, or a load of hassle??

Et needle was to small to push on efe face, and i meant split cases to put blob of paint on, not to bad to do, i took all of the gubbins out for control panel on right as not needed, took about an hour, put led bulbs in as well, ill fit to bike over winter as just riding at the minute

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On 8/14/2020 at 7:24 PM, wraith said:

I could be way off base here xD but one thing that is very different between the two frames are the engine mounts lower frame.

Has anybody got a 750? Can't remember what he goes by but pete750et son has could he take some sizes and I can compare to the 1100 frame or @imago have you a 1100 and 750? To compare?

Only just seen this!

For info.... 750 in black, 1100 in silver



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I’ve had a few new bikes, bought another one this year, I absolutely love it! …. however there’s a very different passion I have for my Old Skool bikes, the new one is amazing on the road,  but I’ll drive a 100 miles to grab a 40 year old part for a project… ;)




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