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  1. what problems does it cause lowering the oil pick up?
  2. wow, that is a major job you did on it. can you take a pic of the cam cap that was riding on this part of the cam you would need to take the head, cam caps and cam to a specialist shop to see if they can save them.
  3. no i cannot put a helicoil in as when it was damaged it split the threaded area, so it has been completely sealed up so it wont leek.
  4. will these work on a 1100 motor as one oil plug is stripped on the front of the motor so I cannot connect it to the std oil plugs i have the oil cooler and lines and fittings, just need the 750 oil filter cover with the oil plug outlets on it. does anyone know who makes them? i tried earls but they say only can be bought as a whole kit.
  5. i had to remove the cam cover on my gsx1100, so i would say yes you have to remove it as both motors are physically the same size externally
  6. from my understanding its for less drag with more lubrication around the piston?
  7. you really are from down under, very nice score there enjoy the ride
  8. that should make all the difference lube up the orings before installing them
  9. No you cannot just blank it off, you have to make the blank plate thick enough so you can put a bypass oil passage on the blank plate. easiest way is just replace the bolt in the top fitting of AD ,so it stops the anti dive working.
  10. i made a 10mm spacer to drop the oil pickup closer to the bottom of the sump it increased oil flow on my oil gauge i fitted to my bike
  11. drill the outside plate hole bigger, then weld tank hole then weld plate hole
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