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  1. Aircooled all the way..... for me anyway, i only see the oil boilers as a donor bike...... i'll get me coat......
  2. As @Gixer1460 says, do yourself a favor , start at the beginning, get the carbs ultrasonic cleaned, change all seals, check the float height, emulsion tubes,needles,check slide diaphragms, check carb rubbers, fuel lines and vac line, replace as necessary, clean out the tank, clean out pet cock, fresh clean fuel, as in put the carbs back to a good standard condition and then at least you have a base line to work from. if the mains have no markings, don't try and guess the size of them, throw them in the bin and buy new, as you won't know what they are and no one else will either. c
  3. Pop over to the general section RTFR and introduce yourself properly. you are more likely to get an answer Then start a thread and post some pics, we like pics
  4. probably not, hence the loctite, you might have some success with lapping paste if they are not too far out from each other, the loctite works though, but be aware once cured it won't be easy to get apart again.
  5. I use loctite high strength retainer, bit of c##t to get undone again though
  6. An introduction in the general section will help as will RTFR........
  7. i wouldn't, if they are worn you will end up chasing the fault, stick new ones in pref with new needles, you can ignore them if the fault still exists, you could not really tell mine were worn except with a vernier caliper, but they were, new ones sorted it. my mixture screws are 2 1/2 out, i would set yours back to factory and go from there, but you won't sort anything if there are leaks from vac tap or carb rubbers, misfiring? maybe, check plugs leads etc
  8. Agree, does seem that way, how do you tell the genuine OSS??, maybe the ones that follow the rules, welcome BTW, A introduction in the general section and RTFR will loosen a few tongues
  9. there you go, not called haynes book of lies for nothing welcome
  10. i am biased towards the earlier bikes, so see these as a donor really, but i think the no faring straight bars style for these suits them very well, but if its very tidy, them maybe leave it alone, it does look it nice regardless
  11. its all in the name dude, OSS, why not try an ad in wanted?, someone may have just what you need, never know till you ask, BTW, there are several sets on the bay at the moment and some upper and lower plastics for the gs 750 clocks
  12. @blubber is correct as i remember
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