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  1. Yes looked crap, was on for 24 hours before being done properly
  2. There is the spacer in the picture, was going to have it done but didnt look right
  3. Its been on my turbo ET for a couple of years no problems
  4. mine was chopped and welded. i have seen them with 18mm spacer under bearing as well
  5. I know Jim King has one but i dont know if he is on OSS
  6. Its sorted now, wire in light must have been wrong way round, changed wire in plug and all ok
  7. It could be, ill have a look later,hope not though, itll be hassle to return i think to chyna
  8. Mine arrived today, tried it last night and needs wiring changing a bit as both low/high beam on together, no biggie i dont think, good fit though
  9. Iuse 1/4 bsp ball valve, £4 off that site, no reserve and i run a seperate filter, seems to flow ok
  10. that looks alot better, thanks
  11. ive just ordered one for mine, hopefully a bit brighter than the standard effort
  12. Ah ok, thanks for finding picture anyway
  13. Yeah thats the one thanks, was it local to nottingham?
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