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anyone know how hot a TL runs, in Scotland would the top rad be enough with the two fans ? we don,t tend to see Australian weather and they don,t use extra cooling








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I'd be inclined to use VFR400 twin rads to make it narrower... (I think it's the 400 rads. A lot of VFR800 guys are using them on strertfightered bikes as an alternative to a TLS or SV rad)

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prob a good idea, but this build is budget as fuck, and it has a rad, i,m going to to chance my luck with single rad, if it gets too hot i,ll change things 


wee bit of engraving on yoke caps 




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I know, he waves it under my nose every now and then.....


....spoke to the heeeeeeeed aka Mattman,  bottom line is you can run single cooler on the ‘R’ but give him a shout for the details.

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