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realise this isn,t a very watery forum,  but I made a housing for my temp sensor,  and got the left hand pipe on. Turner at work did the lathe work, I done the milling (cant be claiming credit for someones work) 





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made up a cover for the clutch actuator thingy , it needs a bit more machining on the cap, just looks a bit meh....:|

like a cheap tax disc holder 





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majority of the bodywork ready for clear... faking it with water here 


both guards made by me, tank top panel is a skinned stock item , front numberboard thing by me too 







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oil cooler mounted, top bracket doubles as an engine spacer, bottom mount is a casing bolt. 

Apparently blue tooth oil coolers don,t work, so i better sort out lines..... and drill the engine, going to make a scoop to direct air through it too 





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15 minutes ago, vizman said:

Blue tooth oil coolers.....I bet I could sell one of them to @370steve


nice box, free sticker.....I’ma grab my crayons.....brb

very exclusive , made from unobtanium :D

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got the speedo pod machined up , still to drill the holes, weighs about half of fuck all , need to pop yoke off to drill mounting holes too 


and yes I can see it from on the bike 






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2 hours ago, Gnome said:

Just read the entire thread. Absolutely amazing work and top talent!


Seconded, love watching this project unfold!

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On 6/18/2020 at 7:12 AM, vizman said:

Or Matt lights, as I like to call them....did you ever see the dash on his slingshot?

Hahaha.... That was 11 years ago ffs......

let it go!!! 

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