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feelin inspired by Kev,s EFE build, been ages since I had a build on here, last 3 builds been full frame things, first one had the right heritage but a slip of a thing at 14yr old , too young for this place, Next one was a complete mongrel, but its heart lay with Soichiro......so thats a ban waiting to happen....the one i,m trying to finish will make its way here, but it,s owner wants no online leaks till its done, I think its nice tho


but I have a bike in a bucket 


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best start making some loomynum chips 


workmate turned me two blanks, by the time i grind the tool for the rad he can have them spat out the CNC


drilled and counterbored the holes, easiest quickest way to have matching holes 


scribed the lines ready to split , once thats done I can bolt back together and put the 1 1/8" hole through




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1999 TL1000S (v) , I got it from George McClure years ago when he bought the remains of my slabby, 3rd gear had went, I've ordered any missing parts, gaskets etc and will hopefully start reassembly this week, my mate Wullie at Dynotech Ecosse helping me. I'll make a clutch cover as the standard plastic ones get a bit leaky 

I've got an ECU and throttle bodies, but looms are thin on the ground, i'll keep looking 

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stuck the frame in the jig while I wait for the motor, I,ll try and get a sprocket position from the swingarm pivot before it is ready 


no I won,t be relying on the frame as it is to hold the arm , there will be some fabrication needed there 

Hyper forks meet GSXR front wheel with a side of Brembo calipers and Ti bolts, with a bit of measuring this will get me a pitch for the yokes





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£180 bangers for an as new NITRON, yeah, fuck it.... sell my PVM wheel to fund it


risers are split and bolted back together, they wont be split again until the profile is cut , holes are in for fatbars and keys left to align them



drawings are ready for the profile but thatll wait until they are pinned to the yoke 




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crankcase not so buttoned up , won,t go through all the gears, needs splitting, Wullie will sort it 

tried to space out the forks for yokes, but the calipers are narrower than Japalneeze versions, so my centering blocks need a skimming



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