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  1. ohh I'm only in West Yorkshire I'm in hummm August better get slingshot built quick or it's lil bandit hiding in a corner.
  2. it's the wife birthday but I'm sure she will understand. Good deadline to get my slingshot at least running and an mot
  3. what about a superduke arm ? being a twin it's prob narrow
  4. it's funny I was just searching evil Bay those morning at single arms with same idea for my 91 . I was thinking an arm of a duck monster s2r would look good
  5. thank you upshot that leads me down the right path.
  6. Ok so as some may have seen I've got my self a slingshot . I'm using it 1st for a lands end to John O'Groats charity ride for cancer research . Then I plan to repaint prob beef up the rubber options maybe 11 her refit at least a half fairing but prob in an endurance style . now I belive I have a 91 m frame and running gear with a j 750 lump . here's my questions oil cooler any slingshot ones fit or will a slabbie one be fine carbs I'll need 36 bst ? airbox are they the same for all slingshots . front calipers any advice greatly received as to what to go for .
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