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  1. cnap504


    I have a U.S. spec GS1100E 1981 model and I went 3 teeth less on the rear sprocket. Made it reasonable for interstate riding
  2. Congrats on the 2 valver, I had a ‘78 bought new, iirc it was 1800 bucs.
  3. Kosman here in the states did a bunch of them way back when, probably not any more tho
  4. They are low drag low friction. The street racers round here (on barely used highways) use them along with non o-ring chains and some kind of springy deal that keeps the brake pads from dragging on the discs
  5. I think those are 28mm (1979 Kawi). The hump lump or bump on the number 2 bowl was a cast in “boss” to pump feed 4 venturi nozzles. The ‘76 & ‘77 kwackers had 26mm with no pump. I think in some cases the the slide cutaway differed for the kawais and Suzukis
  6. Gorgeous absolutely one of my favorites
  7. Brakes, tires, suspension. Less restrictive exhaust and tune the carbs, if retaining original air box carbs would probably only need fuel screw richening, needle shimming and may be a bit more main.
  8. Carbs clean? All jets and fuel passages, are the floats set and working correctly. And are the carbs getting a steady adequate supply of fuel?
  9. Thinking about putting an 1150 motor in a 1981 1100e frame. Bolt in or semi bolt in, any issues? Thanks all
  10. cnap504

    Fuel leak if...

    I’ve had carbs that leak the first couple times fuel is put to them then they stop. Also a whack with a plastic hammer will sometimes get ‘em to act right
  11. A good long soaking of diesel and acetone
  12. Twin anti swirl combustion chambers. I dunno
  13. If you got the engine and carbs for 500 I’d say you did very well. The U.S. 1052cc GSXR (‘86-‘88) came with 34mm cv flatslides, I think modifying your 29’s to 33’s could work, the 1052 and early 1127 heads are probably the same. And it would be pretty cool to make use of the carbs you already have. The 33’s will lack just a bit of higher rpm power but do you need the few extra ponies a couple thousand r’s just under the limiter.
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