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  1. About the CR’s, great carbs. 5179 needles clip one position leaner than the middle. 58 pilots, 230 air jets, 138 mains, a turn and a half on the air screws. Using the Keihin black plastic velocity stacks (with the grey lock rings) will noticeably improve response. 14mm float height, and use a push-pull throttle set up, once past 3/4 slide opening they have a tendency to hesitate in closing when relying only on the return spring.
  2. Yep, 6mm by .50, worked like a charm
  3. Go to an online parts fiche with your specific year and model and have a look. I’d say they do make a difference, some of the Mikuni BST carbs that I have refurbished have had the plugs and others not, I would think there is a reason.
  4. I’m cleaning a set of mikuni cv’s from a 1981 GS1100E and one of the fuel screws will turn in maybe 2 turns and then stops. Tried that particular screw in the other carb/carbs and no trouble so I’m thinking it’s the threads in that carb body. Also checked to see if an old screw taper broke off in the body and no, it’s good. Can I clean up the threads in that carb with a chaser/tap and if so what size is it? Thanks
  5. Yep looks like 29’s, big drain caps on the bowls located directly under the main jet (alllowing main jet changes without having to remove the bowls). Also thin wall spigots on the manifold side. Looks like POP Y to me, POPS Yoshimura, could be
  6. Rare piece, used to ride with a guy who had the Hondoodle cb750 version. Nice find
  7. 3 small screws in the front of the cover and pull out the trip knob for the win. hooray
  8. 1982 Kat 1000, I want to take the black plastic front instrument surround off. I have the 3 front small screws out but don’t know how to get the trip meter knob off and if there’s anything else to look for? Thanks
  9. I learned this method for dirt bikes that weren’t ridden often so the clutch plates would stick. Start it in neutral push the bike jump on with clutch pulled in put it in gear with clutch lever still pulled in and ride it. The clutch should free up. Ride it in a no obstacle or no traffic area, if the clutch doesn’t free up quickly, stopping could be awkward
  10. Ok, I thought all the later style cam cover big 4v engines were 1150’s. So I learned a little something good looking bike
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