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  1. Hi Dave, that's a big carb for a stock GS1000. You may not like how that works out. The early GS1000 used 26 or 28 mm slide carbs, the later ones used larger CV carbs. For driveability you may want to stick to original, maybe use a Dynojet kit if you want some extra oomph.
  2. If that works for you it's fine mate. But it's not the most elegant solution. May want to post your bike if you want specific info. But for giggles let's say you have a GS1000. The 2004 GS500F engine head was an intermediate, they had the old style head but used a blind plug and digital tacho. Fits on a GS1000 head without adjustments. https://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-gs500f-2004-k4-usa-e03_model16027/partslist/BLCK0021.html#.XycyodSLTX6
  3. Those swingarms look great ! (On my GS1000 )
  4. Cool, i'm glad the front feels better now. Without as much wheely that bike will jump forward even faster than it already did ... must be a hoot to ride and impressive Will keep on the lookout for the flatslides !
  5. i'm not cheap, but i am out of a job atm ... guess i'll polish the heck out of a 100 bucks GS1100 alu swingarm
  6. dammit it is ... but including checking/refurb that would make it a 1000 euro swingarm. fatal attraction at work !
  7. stfu Mark Have been eyeballing that one for a long time now, you're feeding my greed ! Swingarm would look great with my other magnesium parts ...
  8. love it. Seller has been trying to sell it for over 2 years now and keeps reposting it. Looks like he does not accept anything less than 400 euro and shipping from Italy is expensive. Everytime i see it my greed plays up but total price is too rich for me
  9. carbs ... the bigger you go, the more time you'll spend in the region of the carb you don't want to be - where the mixture is influenced by multiple jets and jet needle. I talked to someone that built a 1187cc GS1000 engine with approx (rear wheel) 130 bhp together with his buddy Roger Upperton. He told me for road use, don't go too large. Smaller carbs will be in the throttle region sooner where the mixture is only determined by the main jet, and run nicer. CV carbs are more forgiving in this regard than large slide carbs and flatslides but tend to respond a bit slower. I
  10. hey Dungen, about time you showed up here
  11. looks like an easy job, if the mount hole is the same on your 850 as on the GS550 in the lower pic .. check this out edit - should have read the last line " This is the neutral plunger position on the 550s, the larger motors have the fitting from underneath the motor." With the GS1000 that requires removing the oil pan.
  12. thanks for the offer John, i'll start looking for an 18" front CMA. Still hoping for Dymags, but now i have 2 options
  13. Dymag is back in business, and they do produce the magnesium 3-spoke wheels. Pricing starts at £2400 I was hoping for old wheels and having them inspected by Dymag...
  14. thanks, i did not know that brand I really like the Dymags but if i can't find them this is indeed a proper alternative !
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