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  1. Thanks,I'm having a look through,lots of inspiration to help
  2. So it's been a while, things have slowed up due to a divorce and ensuring child care battle . Now that I'm getting somewhere with all of that I've dragged the frame outta storage and noticed something, mainly that it's later than I thought and as such is a mono shock frame. Soooo, I'm going to start a mock build of the frame since I know the bandit motor will fit I'm working on front end and rear end. The front is solved but what about the rear, originally I was looking at a bandit swingarm with tabs welded on but since it's a mono shock frame can I use the bandit arm and linkages? Or is there another route? Thanks
  3. So I came to site for advice building my gsx750 /1100 but I stumbled across this... A mate was parting with it and it was to cheap to pass soooo... Got me thinking.. Having ridden around on it for a spell it ain't half bad.. But suspension is shit, motor needs more shove and it feels cheap & creaky. So maybe a rest mod? I can't find much Info on the Web in terms of mods so would anyone have any suggestions regarding front end changes?, swingarm changes? Any other mods or improvement ideas would be greatly received. Thanks
  4. Thanks very much, seems I'm in the right place! I'll be along shortly in projects!
  5. Good morning I've just joined and I'm hoping to start a project thread but I need some advice from those in the know. I have an old gsx750 frame sitting at the back of my garage & fancy doing something with it. Now this is where it gets tricky, I done minor projects /restoration in the past but I've never done a frame up project before so please be gentle! I've not got a picture in my minds eye yet but I'd like to use 12 bandit motor, swingarm, wheels and front end... Pretty basic I know but as I say I'm learning. Things that worry me. Will engine fit in frame and will it require bracing, are mounting points going to be a nightmare, engine positioning with regards to down pipes /carbs, chain alignment. Alternatively I know gsx600/750 teapot running gear may be a better bet? Let me know your thoughts if you can, I'd be really grateful. Thanks
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