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  1. Excellent..looking forward to see how she runs
  2. My track TLR uses the TLS cable and clutch actuator...can’t remember if clutch push rods are the same length though
  3. Eblag special..no names were mentioned..still not got round to doing it yet...easy enough to change back if the con’s out weigh the pro’s...thanks for your input ..cheers bud
  4. Sweet..got that “predator “ look..and on laughing gas...don’t get to comfy on that cushion of a seat and doze off.........nice collection of TL’s ..
  5. My opologies Torqueseeker just notice your coment..thank you
  6. Cheers buh.....she has a full m4 system but the rear cans got damaged so I fitted some made by quill...had to repack them and fit some baffles as track day noise tests are strict.....she shouts out 100db fitted and 105db without so happy days a Cadwell...
  7. Just got these bad boys through the post....from our Canadian friends...eblag item number 292876076833 Took a week to deliver and pretty dam cheap...£11:30 to my door..you get 8 x top gaskets and 8 x float bowl gaskets Now must remember .... No Naked Flames
  8. Pass..... eblag item number 151603544168
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