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@skelly Darin from  Classic Track Days told me:


SRAD will be fine if it's effectively a standardish road bike with lights (exhaust and other mild tweaks are ok), but we always ask for biies later 1995 to be "in the spirit" of our events, so they need to be considered 'classic or collectable' - so they can't be track bikes with track bodywork, no lights etc.  We also ask for a photo so we know what's coming :) as our biggest priority are the bikes are all classic, nit just for us but all you guys who are taking part.

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I spoke to Darin from Classic Bike Trackdays and the CBT boys are really impressed by our enthusiasm for the event. They have been following  this thread.

Basically they are happy for us to extend to 15 or even 20 track places if we need them. So, if you are following this thread thinking you may have missed the  boat, you haven't. Don't think about it too long just jump in. We need a £100 deposit now and the ballance at the end of January.

Donnngton is a great track. You won't regret it.

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Just read this. I'm hoping to go but money tight. Love to meet ya all and at donnie and maybe chase ya round track.. i know i need to be quick sooo... maybe . 

I'll check my lotto!  If i cant I'll definitely see ya there to oogle some fine oss bikes.

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