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Last year we said that all real world OSS events would be held around other larger bike focused events. Last year we had 2 big main get togethers. The first one was at the Classic Bike Trackday weekend event at Cadwell and the second was at the VJMC classic bike festival at Donington Park. Both events were a great success and proved to tick all the boxes by providing an opportunity to meet and socialise, while surrounded by OSS bikes on our stand and on the track.

Yesterday I spoke to Rob from Classic Bike Trackdays and it was agreed that OSS would have a stand at the Endurance Legends weekend at Donington Park on the 6th and 7th of May next year.

I can't fully describe how much fun this weekend is going to be and I am confident it is going to be our best event to date. For those of you not aware Suzuki themselves have provided significant input and funding into this event. Some of you may also be aware that they are funding and supplying the parts to build a Katana endurance race bike which will compete in the 4 hour endurance race that weekend. Previous bike of the month winners Phase one will be there to keep them honest and of course there will be a host of other teams and bikes competing. I also heard a rumour that there will also be one of Suzuki's original GSXR-750 endurance race bikes taking part.

If that is not enough we have block booked 10 trackday slots for those that want to do more than spectate.The trackday is run by Classic Bike Trackdays. These guys know how to run a trackday event. The Cadwell event last year ran like clockwork.  The trackday slots are made up of six sessions split across the 2 days and they will take place in between the endurance race rounds...no pressure then. The best thing is that this is a no noise limit event. I'll say that again for those of us who have already permanently damaged our hearing; THIS IS A NO NOISE LIMIT EVENT! No need to cross your fingers at scrutineering or raid the loft insulation the night before.

The track day slots are face value at £199 per bike and include a weekend pass for 2 for the entire weekend. The track day is already 25% booked and is filling up fast. Our 10 slots are guaranteed with availability across all three categories:  novice, intermediate and advanced.  Personally, I found the novice category last year didn't prevent me from going as fast as I wanted and when your are riding your pride and joy the last thing you want to to do is allow heroics get the better of you and end up with a gymnastic situation.

If you want to do the track day I suggest you state clearly below that you want to do the trackday. First come first served. We might be able to get additional booking slots if we fill our 10 quickly and you can also book directly with Classic Bike Trackdays here

Trackday bikes and bikes on the stand will also get an opportunity to go out as an OSS group for a few parade laps.

If you don't have a bike on the stand or on the track entry for the weekend will be £30. There will be camping , live bands and so much unadulterated bike porn that you may well need to take several small lie downs throughout the course of the weekend.

So what to do:

  • If you want to to do the trackday over 2 days -Just post- I want to do the trackday.- Please state if you want novice, intermediate or advanced.
  • If you want to show a bike on the stand - Just post- I want to put my bike on the stand.
  • If you are incredibly excited by the prospect of weekend of pure bike porn and just cant wait- Just let rip and express yourself freely.


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2 hours ago, Rossco(Iceman Josros) said:

I want to put my bike on the stand and can not wait :banana:

sod it in for a penny and all that - make that one on the stand and one on the track (novice) now have a target for Slabby's dirty Brother O.o

Bit quicker than seven years! You know where I am if you want any help.

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38 minutes ago, bondyrs250 said:

Can I put one or 2 of mine on the stand please. also the long brothers will be joining and steve will be on track


Thanks Wayne we will wait and see how many bikes want to do the stand and then how big the stand is. If we have room 2 bikes shouldn't be a problem but if room is an issue I'll ristrict it to one bike each. 

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