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  1. I have a 47 tooth 520 blank here if Busa Ash does not need it.....
  2. Can you operate a vernier correctly?
  3. No, not tried the newvu ones.....
  4. Not those, a beefier version of the one further up.....local blacksmith made them for gsxr motors....one was knocked off shelf and broke my mates arm.....oops.
  5. I have some heavy duty versions.
  6. Most people just chuck a bandit front end in, after changing stems over.....
  7. search for 90mm caliper adaptors, i believe is what you need....
  8. Cos i am nice like that...
  9. Gone off seat now it is outside lol
  10. Send it to me, i may be able to open......:)
  11. Gsxrsam


    Oval emulsion tubes is another favourite......
  12. http://shop.marksman-ind.com/99-3540-5-30x47x12-taper-roller-bearing-32906-15086-p.asp
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