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  1. I think you will find all the same Suzuki 550-750-850-1000-1100
  2. But are they standard wheels ?
  3. Not a equation i had considered mine was purely to guarantee spark happens. Why in this picture left plug looks like it has No ground electrode is there a reason ?
  4. kiwi

    Cam motion cams

    That is what google search does you never know were you will end up , but hopefully all sorted now as it first started on Faceache
  5. kiwi

    Cam motion cams

    say what now!? if you look above help needed
  6. Wilco this is exactly what i am looking for but need a high resolution picture as going to be printed onto Tee shirts
  7. Right you motley crew anybody possibly be extremely helpful and have a high resolution picture of side panel badge for above or the file for said
  8. Vizzie cut me thru middle and it would read oldskool Suzuki GS/GSX i loves all my Suzook's, so yes i agree and rare keeps my stock price raising plus i am creating Art with it nowadays
  9. Not sure i would bother with a GS1000 as oil burner more readily available and cheaper to tune, plus you might find Air cooled but good ones getting like Hens teeth
  10. Yes and No some 850 barrels drop straight on but some the liners contact the crankcase and .you have to remove some material to allow them to drop completely down , done it several times and hit and miss
  11. Twin plug is the way i am hopefully going too as already got 2 off 4 lead coils and ignition box
  12. Reinhould are those liner top lips breaking into the camchain centre seal location area ?
  13. kiwi

    Lost love

    Been resprayed since you sold it but untaxed since early 1990 so if your still in same area and know who you sold it too , try get intouch with them or see if on faceache and try message ?, but hopefully might still be mothballed in the back of a shed or garage so possibly not bed news just yet
  14. Correct I personally never mentioned changing the Crank or rods thus i still say 78mm equals 1238cc and not sure why you previously posted mixed quotes . But now all has been explained in another post i will guess all is understood 1238 difference to 1260.
  15. Thanks Reinhoud hadn't picked up on this and you have explained it exactly spot on
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