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  1. 1460 On most prepped Drag cranks i've seen Weld on pins is exact opposite on pins and of equal length, so more of worked out maths to be same weight on opposite throws to even out or eliminate vibration.
  2. Wraith did you fit the led's as the sidelight on it's own was not any good ?, and have you ridden in the night to see how much difference from the original headlamp ?.
  3. kiwi

    gs ideas

    The ones i remember from my youff were made by progressive suspension and called S & W Stroker shocks Big black plastic caps at top and coloured springs true 1980's shocks, as in my pictureyou can just see them on the Blue gsx1100
  4. Should of went to spec savers your tank is totally different shape to the Blue tank, like said above its a import gsx1100/750 tank, it might possibly fit if you use a Pingel fuel tap
  5. Its not got efe instruments the bike is a GSX750esd and they are the clocks it should have
  6. If its a ET it would be 1074cc i would possibly say the engine was swapped for a efe engine 1135cc or possibly barrels and hopefully head, but it depnds what is stamped on bottom of cylinder block
  7. Somebody doing some special crank work in this picture ? come on spill the beans
  8. Brian do you know which paint code or make and model it came from please , always liked the Orange after Rob's Katana and looking to do 1 of mine in it, but did notice yours looks like mettalic in the pictures
  9. say what now!? 1460 is 100% right gs + gsx ignition covers 10 mm bottom hole difference, so he wins the Gold star of the day.
  10. Gsx1100 but same hens teeth unless you like the import model.
  11. Fox shocks and a zrx1200 swingarm whats not to like and an excellent improvement.
  12. You'll probably find chain clips Shock if not offset, plus it depends on chain and sprocket width your using.
  13. If you look in the sight glass you'll know how much petrol by the level, but if its that much drain and refill with fresh oil and new filter, if it was running fine beforehand wouldn't worry about plugs as petrol all went into your sump, unless its due a seervice anyway.
  14. Ask Roger upperton he's your engine man , and i'll bet he says not to ride it light as yes you'll glaze the bores
  15. kiwi

    Case boring

    1166cc straight bore in stock liners or common upgrade 1260cc with liners, and you can fit bigger liners but barrels get thin in middle but easily doable and for street use, or if wanting/needing to do cheap you can fit bandit 12 liners bored out and fit busa pistons (available in 18mm + 20mm pin sizes, but leads to more workneeded to get compression right.
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