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  1. That's not a bad shout, was it a nightmare to fit the wheels?
  2. Yes exactly like them however I was going to attempt keeping the b12 front forks as there rwu, don't really want USDs on a et, and I imagined it was going to be alot of tampering for it to work, didn't know if there was old school wheels like 18s that were multi spoke that might work
  3. Without standard stuff, I'm currently running blandit gear.
  4. Question for all you guys, Has anyone fitted multi spoke wheels to a et before? For example rsv, R1 or CBR wheels? Cheers for any info
  5. I've put a 750 slabby lump in my 750et frame and it's lighter, more torque and power, so much more fun than what I was expecting, also has got blandit running gear too
  6. Hey guys, so been on two track days this year with the old girl and was a good couple of days, only problem is when it gets really hot it leaks a it of oil out the left hand casing somewhere that I cannot find, I'm going to replace all the gaskets but was wondering if there's any way to put a oil cooler or something on to keep it slightly cooler, any input is great.
  7. Hey guys, got a 750et that's been swapped with blandit running gear and got a 4-1 exhaust but it's got some clearance issues and doesn't sit in the. Middle of the bike at the collector and was wondering if any other models fit nicely, thanks
  8. Cheers bud will give them a bell
  9. Cheers mate and might be worth a look
  10. Hey guys, Almost finished the old girl, but was wondering if there was a belly pan that fits the gsx at all or are close to it with a bit of modification? Cheers
  11. On mine the footpegs are raask rearsets and I'll be able to get some at the weekend buddy
  12. Hey guys, been working on my 750 for a while now and almost getting it all done, just waiting for a cheap b6 swing arm to come up to put the in the rear and its pretty much there, just wondering what sort of colours would be good for it as I'm abit stumped, thanks
  13. Quick question for you guys, does a 1100et exhaust fit on a 750et? Is the spacing the same or is there some modifications needed? Thanks
  14. Twin shock so will have to weld some lugs on and sort out the front end too
  15. Thankyou it does help, now I just need to find one and the rest of the gear for it and make a classic racer maybe?
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