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  1. It increase with speed but smooths out at around 3000rpm. I did notice it though mildy when in 5th and just burbling along at around 2500,doen hill, no load on engine,gearbox etc.
  2. Hi Bluedog, I just reread your post and although I read your post llast year I neglected to thankyou for your onput. You did hit the nail on the head. I had previously owned an EFE that i bought in 1993 and rode heaps for the next 20 years. Great bike with very adequete standard suspension for the bike. So I am aware of how versitile the Bandit can be.. I have plenty of info now tto make the Bandit more useable all round. Thanks
  3. Hi my Bandit has just started to have quite a definate clunk when pulling away ,the clunk repeats in time with engine revolutions and dissapears at around 3000rpm..at first i thought it was issuse with chain and sprockets but chain is adusted fine and is fairly new along with the front and rear sproket. The gearbox runs fine all the way through to top and down again until under 3000rpm. Do I have a serious problem...is gearbox likely to go bang soon ?
  4. Hi, I am after any advice on what front end to replace the standard EFE ..I have been told that Kwaka ZX9 yolk and forks fit .. what taper bearing kit would still work with out any mods being made to the headstock/ frame etc. Thanks
  5. Cheers dude, cams and chain in now just gotta torque em ,then do valve clearances...could have her back in frame tonight
  6. I assume you mean the ignition pick up point...so I would follow the manual intructions using the centre of those two ignition pick up at 9 and 3 o clock.. , thanks .
  7. Hi I am fitting new cams and cam chain to my1984 GSX1100 EFE, engine is all assembled apart from cams . The manual I have gives instructions and pics for the previous ESD model..I am not to sure as to where the T mark should align to to set the cams . Any one able to clarify this for me please
  8. Hi stripped down carbs on 84 standard efe. Pilot jets had rubber plugs on and main jets all wrong acording to oem in manual. What is the dral with the pilot jets being plugged up ?
  9. Cheers,will check it out
  10. Hi I am after a set of new exhaust valves for m y 1986 EFE . Have searched the web here downunder in the land of Mad Max and nothing available . Any suggestions of where to get a set ? Thanks Revin.
  11. Hi. looking for best recomendation for an after market suspension upgrade a 1996 1200 bandit. The standard is as soggy/bouncy as and terrible two up
  12. I had a 1986 EFE for 13 years and i replaced the stock head bearings with a quality tapper head race set soon after getting it. This improveed the handling of front end heaps but i still go a wobble on the bars when no handed at 30mph and under. I lived with it,not really a problem. However my son now has a 1984 EFE and it has a tapper head race fitted already {it may be worn out } he has very bad intermittent wobbles that have gotten worse under braking at any speed and can feel whole bike wobble at just 60mph bends. Tyres are good, suspension is all good and front and rear setting are ma
  13. Hi I would like any information possible on the best tyres you have used on your EFE. I have used many in the past and back 20 years ago I found that Metzeler gave the best longivity with out compromising grip or handling. There fewer options now as my sons bike is on standard wheels with the added annoyance of the rear wheel being 18" not 17" ,this is a stupid thing that applied to these bikes hitting the Australian market. He has a pair of Bridgestone Battleaxe's at present ,[ 130 x 80 x18 ] great grip and handling but the rear has already flattened out and is almost bald at just 3
  14. Hi Everyone, thank you all for your comments ,tips,and advice . Sorry for the delay in my reply. The bike belongs to my son and he has been riding it as his daily ride since we fixed the starter problem. We had the snapped off bolts removed at an engineers, also had them give the surface of starter clutch and flywheel a minimal grind and clean up. On reassembly we gave the brass plate a real good polish too. We cleaned/dressed the dowel and ran a drill down the dowel hole and packed it a little with two pack plastic/metal compound so that the dowel gave enoug
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