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  1. Thanks! I have not had it dynoed. There is no one close who I trust to dyno it.
  2. Any word on the year Yamaha or the length of the coils?
  3. @Danm54I've searched for years for shorter stick coils. Which Yamaha coils are you using?
  4. I did a few searches after reading this thread. I went through ~20 pages of nothing related and found only this thread. I searched "coil on plug," "COP," and "stick coil."
  5. On this side of the pond, I use cycleterminal.com for connectors and terminals.
  6. Same as above: Denso coils from an '05 GSX-R600 (US), #129700-4420 J0440 (measuring 1.5±0.1 ohm) sources from Eblag.
  7. I've done the stick coil conversion to clean up "clutter" under the tank. Zero performance difference according to my "seat of the pants" dyno.
  8. Thanks, gents! I have both lights on the same circuit, so it’s time for some sleuthing with a voltmeter.
  9. I have a slingshot faring in headlights on my Bandit. I wanted to check with a slingshot owner on the operation of the dual headlights. Mine currently has low beam on the left headlight high beam on the right headlight and the low beam is insufficient for nighttime riding.
  10. Thanks Fish! Not much else planned for this after I Cerakoted the outer clutch cover.
  11. rdubandit

    Inazuma mods

    If you were talking about the gasket, any appropriate (petrol-resistant) gasket material. I also add a dab of Hylomar Advanced Formulation. P.S. The Pingel adapter comes with a fiber gasket that works fine.
  12. rdubandit

    Inazuma mods

    All I’ve ever used is Teflon tape on the tap threads.
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