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  1. TrunKz

    Katana build

    me too
  2. TrunKz

    Rear Wheel swap GSXR 5,5 in EF swing arm

    I thought more of a technical drawing with dimensions to get one made. Unfortunately, I can not accept the dimensions of the stock brake caliper holder because the brake discs are different. I am only concerned with the dimensions of the front as the distance from the axle to the holes for the brake calipers. And their distances among themselves I need measurements for the red lines. Thank you for your patience: p
  3. TrunKz

    Rear Wheel swap GSXR 5,5 in EF swing arm

    I thought of something that looked almost like the standard one
  4. TrunKz

    Rear Wheel swap GSXR 5,5 in EF swing arm

    For the german MOT / TÜV is it Not possible
  5. Good morning, I have a problem with the rear wheel conversion. 5,5 in EF swing arm with 170 tire. Its not a problem to remove the 3,5 or 4mm from the sprocketcarrier and the bearing face. My problem is the Brakecalipperholder. My workshop does not have a milling machine and does not want to do that. Since in her opinion it is very security relevant. Now my bike is almost ready. It is only on this rear wheel. Does anyone of you have a caliper bracket lying around or could I build one? stock caliper Thanks and a nice week
  6. TrunKz

    Tune up Katana or engine swap gsx?

    why do you want to swap the GSX engine? Personally, I would be interested in some goodies for the Kat What have you changed there on the engine so far?
  7. TrunKz

    GS110X or EF Engine?

    hahah no luckily not. My GSXR had about 180hp Thanks for your help. So should the head be enough? Alternator and gearbox is the same?
  8. TrunKz

    GS110X or EF Engine?

    The EF engine has installed in Germany other camshafts and thus an output of only 100HP. Was that the same for the ET engine or does it only have 100HP in general?
  9. TrunKz

    GS110X or EF Engine?

    First and foremost I would like to drive on street and also be a bit more sporty on the way. 160km are great
  10. TrunKz

    GS110X or EF Engine?

    f*** wrong forum... is it possible to switch it in the Aircooled Forum? sorry
  11. TrunKz

    GS110X or EF Engine?

    Hi, Unfortunately my "EF" had a GS110X engine when I bought it. Is it worth it to change the engine? Or is the GS100X also a good engine with a lot of potential? Sebastian.
  12. TrunKz

    Gsx turbo project

    Crazy shit. I Love it. Nice work
  13. TrunKz

    Busa ash efe 1230

    sexy efe
  14. TrunKz

    Gsx swingarm

    monoshock I'll get a swingarm from a GSXR 1100 next week.
  15. TrunKz

    Gsx swingarm

    Hey I still have no exact information if I can mount a GSXR 1100 or Bandit 1200 swingarm in my 85er EF frame. I do not know how to solve this with the redirection. The Suspenstion system from the EF is very different. It's important that my 5.5x17 wheel fits the 180 Tire.