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  1. my method to check position is to bend a piece of 2.4mm ally filler rod to the same radius as the disc , tape it to the disc - and put the calliper in place , making sure it is sitting on the welding rod at both ends - then rotate it till it is near the fork leg , and see where it wants to sit
  2. hate to be `that guy' but it doesn't look to me that the calliper is sitting correctly on the disc - since that calliper is for a much larger disc , its more than a bit unlikely that one of the mounting bolts will line up with the mounts on your forks - I have made more than a few calliper adapter plates , and they have never lined up like that..... I bet the `front' of the disc pad is hanging off the edge of the disc.......
  3. Melbourne went better than expected , with another good performance - low ET , top MPH , number 1 qualifier , and win ! I seen to have got my act together this year , trick seems to be go as quick as I need to , and dont waste effort trying to go quicker all the time. Finished the year at Santa Pod last weekend , and was on for another win - until crew shortage and an organisational cockup left me using a borrowed starter for the semi final.....and it failed.....so ddint get to progress to the final (had a good few tenths in hand for that race...) But , despite the failure , I only went and won the Old School Stockers championship for a third time - I got the Straightliners championship as well ! YAY....go me ? Also had a good day out at Stafford classic bike show with the OSS crew
  4. check for shims between the clutch center and basket - sounds like tightening the clutch hub nut it is pressing the inner and outer cutch baskets together - had this on my GSX when I accidentally put the wrong clutch bearing inner spacer in , not realizing I had 2 different ones , wrong one being .5mm too thin......
  5. I realy should pay attention when reading threads......yep , mine is an EFE.......I'll go stand in the corner right now
  6. I run a 170 on a 600 SRAD wheel in the stock arm - with a 170 tyre......its piggin' close with a new chain , but OK once its done a few hundred miles
  7. More to add......took a trip up to Melbourne Raceway at the weekend , to see what I could do on an un-prepped track - and there was some sideways wiggly fun to be sure . Managed to find a reasonable setup , and ran down to a 5.9 best , with a couple of 6.0's - then won the old school stockers eliminations , so more trophies to dust Thanks have to go to Bow Trowel for helping with crew duties - next time out is Santa Pod for the last race of the year in October - better dig out them thermals and my umbrella !
  8. its been a while.....a lot of racing has happened since I was last here , but every time I tried to visit this site my computer said no..... Dragstalgia 2019 was just the start - from there , I got my `race head' on , and have been number 1 or 2 qualifier at every race - and win or runner up - resulting in 2 old school stockers championships , and a good chance of making it 3 this year . This year has been amazing , with taking number 1 qually , low ET and high MPH , and win - at every race I have done , new PB of 8.44 and best speed of 155mph ! Super consistent as well - Retro show was 4 runs on the Sunday as saturday was a washout , all within 4 hundredths of a second - 8.44 to 8.48 , 60 ft down to 1.20 , 5.30 in the 1/8th - all from a motor that the head has only been off once to check , and found the pistons were `just' touching the head ! extra 10thou of base gasket , along with another 10thou off the head sorted that , although it did have a healthy appetite for gearbox's , now cured with a horribly expensive billet 5 speed auto box And finally - a new (to me....) race van , big enough to take the road going EFE on a recent trip to the Isle of Man , and a built-in proper bed ! Might have to find some more power for next year if I want to keep this up - and oh boy do I !
  9. Oh - and I'm also 2 times old school stockers champion , close to making it 3 in a row this year !
  10. Not been on here for piggin ages ! for some reason computer said no when I tried......... Anyhoo........much progress has been made on the EFE , had too much trouble with stock box's so in went a full billet 5 speed auto....and a change of wheels along with a splash of paint ! The end result has been pretty stunning - at Retro show , it ran a string of 8.4's at over 150 , resulting on low ET , High MPH , number 1 qualifier - and win ! Then managed a repeat performance at Dragstalgia (but around a tenth slower due to the heat) Then - Jurby , Isle of Man just for fun - and another repeat , with a best of 9.07 @ 155...... Out at Melbourne this weekend to see if I have found a good dodgy track setup
  11. I had a bunch of gears made that are 11% higher ratio than normal 750 gears - I run 750 primary gears , so using the normal setup would leave me stock oil flow....... I've never had any cam bearing problems , but over the years a lot of burned rockers and cam lobes - very high lift cams and high seat pressures with ovesize stainless valves
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