Oldskoolsuzuki in the news

When we launched the site nearly 2 months ago we prepared a press release on the re-launch and sent it out to the editors of all of the bike magazines. As with so may things in life it’s always who you know and not what you know that makes the difference. Thanks to Banoffee’s contacts  at Classic Motorcycle Mechanics and Dave Manning’s influence at BSH and 100% Biker we received some great coverage,

Even the original site’s  founder Patrick Fonck ( MR 7/11) felt the need to share a press cutting on facebook  and say It almost seems like a different lifetime when I started this website, but it’s nice to see my brainchild has grown up and finally found a way to take care of itself.
Well done and good luck to the people who are supporting it right now. The new logo looks brill btw.”

Thank you to everyone who was involved in getting the news of the site’s re-launch  into print.

Press coverage

BSH and 100% Biker

Classic bike mechanic

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

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