New OSS Trader – Buzz Motorcycles

We are pleased to welcome Buzz Motorcycles as an OSS Trader, with a discount available for OSS members.

Long term OSS member going back to the original site, Rotty has spent many years as a technician, engineer and special builder. He’s spent a lot of that time taking standard bikes and modifying them with modern running gear, turbos, nitrous etc. Specialising in Suzuki oil cooled models yet having a soft spot for all makes and milestone models as they developed over the years.

Working full time as a technician in a busy main dealer workshop, he started on the side importing a handful of low mileage standard 70’s, 80’s and 90’s bikes from all over Europe. After selling a few bikes to collectors and building a client list, he’s now started importing more and more and has decided to set up Buzz Motorcycles.

No expensive showroom to pay for just a workshop where all bikes are fully checked over, fluids changed and any age related service items sorted. All bikes are low mileage, many have service history, most have tool kits and if non standard parts are fitted, then the original parts are also included.

He can also source bikes if a particular model is required. MOT, UK age related registration etc can be included in prices if needed. Nationwide and indeed worldwide delivery can be arranged, having already shipped bikes to the USA.

Whilst not the cheapest bikes around, the prices are a reflection on the excellent condition yet without massive profits. Bikes are backed up with a 3 month warranty (unless advertised clearly up front as being projects rather than road worthy) and each is supplied with a health sheet from it’s full check over.

An average of 20 photos of each bike are taken with a walk round video of cold start and warm up. If any work is done on the bike, for example an ultrasonic carb clean, then this is also photo documented.

Rotty is offering OSS members a generous 15% discount off listed bike prices. This is for Suzuki bikes only and must be initiated with a PM sent on OSS to show that you are a member.

Web site is This is currently a work in progress, however Rotty will shortly be advertising OSS bikes for sale in the Traders section on our OSS forum.