Horsepower talks and bullshit walks


There are few points in a bike build that have more potential for self back patting and/or self loathing than the inaugural visit to the dyno man.  It is the place where  a curved line graph and 3 magic digits coldly define the fruits of a long winter spent chasing those elusive extra horses.

Dyno runs don’t normally come cheap but thanks to OSS member Havoc ( Tom Davidson) we have secured the use of a dyno provided by RTR in Nottingham. Dyno sessions will be 20-25 minutes for just £25. Each dyno run will come with a full print out as well as advice from RTR’s proprietor.

The date for the planned dyno day will be Sunday the 31st of July starting at 10am and it will be held at RTR Motorcycles,  7 Moorbridge Road, Bingham, Nottingham NG13 8GG. The venue is just 2 units down from Allens Performance so we will try to arrange carb jets to be available for tweaks between runs.

In order to make the day financially viable we’ll need 12 people so once we have 12 people paid up the event will go ahead. If we don’t have 12 people by the end of May we wont do the event. Details on how to sign up and pay can be found here on the forum. If we have more than 12 people and our costs are covered  any surplus will go to the air ambulance fund.

Tom has also arranged for a catering van so that members can keep up their strength on the day.

If you are looking for a dyno run to set up your bike or you just want to know what it’s pushing out at the back wheel £25 is not a lot of money.

Naturally we will start a competition where members can claim a  BHP figure before the start and depending on the results we might resurrect the OSS bullshit award for the biggest difference in the dyno result.

Please bear in mind that your bike’s mechanical well being  is entirely your own responsibility and OSS takes no responsibility for mechanical failure  or any resulting mechanical damage that may occur  during your dyno run.

Bike of the Month March 2016

There is no denying that the GSXR slabsides are very much in vogue at the moment. Their popularity among the contemporary classic restoration fraternity is at an all time high. Here at OSS we like to things a little differently and although we have always loved the slabby we’re not purists. This months bike of the month winner would satisfy purists and  tinkerers alike.

After building a classic GSXR slabside 750 racer for the IOM and supporting the team as their pit mechanic a few year back,  long time OSS enthusiast Yoshi Johnny ( John Oliver) decided it was time to build a bike and take to the track himself.  Inspired by the Team Lockhart GSXR  squad that won two AMA Endurance road racing championships in the 1980s John has built a stunning GSXR 750 Lockhart inspired track bike. Along with trusted horse box HQ he has been touring UK circuits cutting his teeth on the track.

Dale Quarterely on the championship winning Team Lockhart Suzuki at the Memphis round of the AMA/Motoworld Endurance Championship in August of 1987. (Larry Lawrence photo)

Dale Quarterely on the championship winning Team Lockhart Suzuki at the Memphis round of the AMA/Motoworld Endurance Championship in August of 1987. (Larry Lawrence photo)

Congratulations John your bike of the month picture is even more dynamic than Dale’s is. We have no idea how fast you are going here but it looks impressive.

Yoshi Johnny and His Lockhart rep doing the business at Cadwell.

Yoshi Johnny and his Lockhart rep doing the business on track.

Discuss John’s bike here.