Bike of the Month January 2022

I’ve been let loose with a keyboard once again to write a little intro to Oldskoolsuzuki Bike of the Month, January 2022. This was actually a bloody difficult task because of all the fine attention to detail this build has had lavished on it.

The bike we chose for this month is the GSXR turbo Harris Magnum built by Clive Wood.  The bike was originally owned by Swirl, another OSS membeer but unfortunately he wasn’t able to complete it so he sold it to Clive. 

For me to do this build any kind of proper justice, I would have to wax lyrical for pages giving you details of the many brackets, the turbo headers, the plenum and all the other parts which were hand made by the Clive, often using just basic hand tools. That aproach requires a hell of a lot of ingenuity, skill and an real eye for detail.

I really love many of the little things like the boost gauge holder, the cheeky use of Lidl gloss black paint on certain components. Then there’s the bigger things like having the balls to chop up a JMC swinging arm. I’d never be that brave! That’s because because I don’t possess the skills Clive does. 

If you want to read about all the details you’ll need to sign up for the forum and look up the build thread in our projects section.

Clive has built a beautiful looking bike, but it’s not just a looker. It measured an impressive 260 bhp when dyno’d recently at our annual OSS Dyno day. 

Congratulations Clive, your Harris Magnum is our Bike of the Month. Members discuss here