Bike of the month July 2018

Some months we pick  bike of the month and some months bike of the month just picks itself. July 2018 is definitely the later.

We wrote about this month’s winner back in April and shared his own amusing account of his post classic race career.

The story ended with his plans to build a very well poked 1100 version of his trusty 750 slabby which would race at East Fortune and also at Spa.

Well he built it and he raced it at Spa, sporting the OSS race team winged hammer emblem too! More than this, he achieved a first and second in his class. Not bad for his first time at Spa. Go winged hammers!

Congratulations Mole ( AKA Adrian McCarthy)  your 7/11 slabby is our July Bike of the month.

Read Moles build here.

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