It’s not what you know but who you know.

OK, “what you know” is actually quite important on a site dedicated to info about a long since extinct motorcycle species. Our point here is that we all know genetic engineering  isn’t a cheap hobby.  That’s when the “who you know” bit becomes important.

We all know the special warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you receive that padded envelope in the post and it’s full of little plastic bags with the red and white labels. Unfortunately that warm fuzzy feeling is tempered by the sinking feeling when you see the bill.

red labels

Well worry not! Thanks to our very own Yoshijohnny we have secured a very useful  15% discount on all genuine Suzuki parts from Robinsons Rochdale. YJ works with the company and his employers have kindly agreed this very generous discount,exclusively for OSS members.

Robinsons Rochdale have been in the business for 60 years and if they don’t have the part on the shelf they can normally have it within 24 hours.


YJ has also agreed to alert us to any special offers on vintage Suzuki parts clear outs where discounts can sometimes be in excess of 30%

Details on how to get the discount are in our traders section on the forum and is only available  to members.

Find out more here

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