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  1. What pipe are people using on their Slabbies ?

    Exhaust Craft and Micron race systems... both good enough for the Isle of Man
  2. VM33s on an air cooled 1100?????

    They are VM29SS .... who knew lol
  3. VM33s on an air cooled 1100?????

    they are roundslides though... I have a set of those particular carbs but can now use flatties which weigh less and are a bit easier to set up ta though
  4. VM33s on an air cooled 1100?????

    anyone used a set of bored out flatslide GSXR750 VM29s on an 1100 (2 valve) motor what jets are you running as a starting point? I was going to start with 30 pilots and 125 mains but any help from someone who has used a set would be good.. cheers YJ
  5. Removing Carb Shaft Assy

    once the carbs are split.... the 2 screws undone on the butterfly...the shaft should pill out where your first pic has the screwdriver
  6. Mounting green dyna coils on a slabby

    you can only use the mini coils with specific ignition set ups though I believe...
  7. Mounting green dyna coils on a slabby

    The original GSXR (XR41) had them mounted on the frame... headstock downtube https://i.pinimg.com/236x/e9/b8/9a/e9b89a5acaeb4eebad16a28db6b08c05.jpg
  8. Electrics

    REV IT....... REV IT.......
  9. Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    yeah plumbing heat resistant tape is a fiver a roll....last forever and sticks like fuck.. cable ties and a couple of feet of edge trim sorted
  10. Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    cheap Chinky ones from Chinkland
  11. Yoshimura Heatshield Help 7/11

    If it helps I made my own out of PVC and the drawing I used was from Yoshimura Japan (I gave all of the drawings to Simon) I had to modify mine to clear the head oiler fittings and a few other bits and pieces but it's easy enough to do with a pair of tin snips It helps MASSIVELY if you warm the thing up with a hot air gun to mould it into place... Si makes and sells them really cheap and is very open about what he makes them from... you can make one yourself
  12. slabby 750 CDI and pick ups on a Bandit 12 engine?

    cheers man...bits landed and will hopefully try this weekend
  13. Am I right in thinking the twin pick up/rotor/CDI will work on a Bandit 1200 seem to remember it ups the rev limit a little? or am I getting really fucking old and the memory is slippaging..???