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  1. Bandit 1200 fork stanchion problem..

    sorted now thanks.. new stanchions were £60 each had a word with a couple of proper engineers who just said to carefully peen the end over... stretching the metal slightly in the process... It was actually a piece of piss to do and is every bit as good as the original now as the holders are held tight and square as you peen the end over and seat it.. pussy
  2. Bandit 1200 fork stanchion problem..

    yes genuine Suzuki come with these parts rolled into them in which is obviously why the ABE ones are much cheaper and I have always used genuine at work YJ
  3. Bandit 1200 fork stanchion problem..

    I have never encountered this before The Bandit 1200 forks I am gonna use needed replacement (non gen) stanchions brand new but they don't come with damper holders...so you have to grind the old stanchion tube just enough to release them...then roll the edge of the new tube once the parts are in place,, Having never had to do this I am wondering if anyone has any tips or has a tool or something to do it right?? peening over with a hammer is a last resort never too old to be learnin' YJ
  4. quick action throttle for slabby

    CRF450 works too
  5. quick action throttle for slabby

    works on my Lockhart.... just needed to make some cables
  6. quick action throttle for slabby

    hahahahahhaaahhaaha he'd kick your arse lol Have you done the TT??? What was your best lap time?? YJ
  7. Dave is still making really nice stuff..... https://www.exhaustcraft.co.uk He likes to have the bike so he can custom make it for a really good fit...... but doesn't have to have it.. Proper chap and not expensive at all for the quality
  8. gsxr 1100 carbs

    Yeah I can do them but busy with racing and holidays until late October now
  9. Few pics...shiny things

    It did thank you Gary...
  10. Few pics...shiny things

  11. Few pics...shiny things

  12. Few pics...shiny things

    lol noooooooooooo it's a big bore 1127 motor
  13. Few pics...shiny things

    yes can't do it in one piece (gets full of chemicals) Ribble Technologies in Preston charge around £70 for dipping all the bits of a GSXR motor and I much prefer that process than blasting
  14. Few pics...shiny things

    Another one nearly finished... been a scrapheap challenge this one but it's close to being done