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  1. gsxr 1100 carbs

    Yeah I can do them but busy with racing and holidays until late October now
  2. Few pics...shiny things

    It did thank you Gary...
  3. Few pics...shiny things

  4. Few pics...shiny things

  5. Few pics...shiny things

    lol noooooooooooo it's a big bore 1127 motor
  6. Few pics...shiny things

    yes can't do it in one piece (gets full of chemicals) Ribble Technologies in Preston charge around £70 for dipping all the bits of a GSXR motor and I much prefer that process than blasting
  7. Few pics...shiny things

    Another one nearly finished... been a scrapheap challenge this one but it's close to being done
  8. pics of clean things

  9. pics of clean things

    A Story.............goes...........
  10. pics of clean things

    yes it is
  11. pics of clean things

    Not my motor... Just doing what I am told