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  1. bandit

    This doesn't say Bandit on it either
  2. bandit

  3. bandit

    hahahahahahahahaha @Paulm lol......
  4. bandit

  5. A Story.............goes...........
  6. yes it is
  7. Not my motor... Just doing what I am told
  8. nah cobalt drill bits and did it in the lathe...easy
  9. more shiny stuff....I don't have any before pics but take it from me it wasn't very pretty...
  10. drilled easy peasy
  11. They were and still are a really underrated bike... so glad it's running OK and hopefully now it will stop making you frown lol... They are allowed on the CBT trackdays and Nolan hustles his round proper quick
  12. pics Barry??
  13. whatever you can afford
  14. Silverstone/Gremlin/Trident (John Simms) has stopped trading as far as I know leaving upset customers and a bit of a mess. Shame as it could have been a fabulous business and story... Stewart at Saxon is very good and I will one day have one of his frames... YJ