Introducing OSS Art

In our experience, some of the best stuff happens when people are not being paid. Let me qualify that statement. The best stuff often comes from a desire to do it, not a contractual obligation or a deadline. The good stuff is almost always a gift, given generously with passion. These principles and values are at the heart of what has built and sustained Oldskoolsuzuki from the beginning.

The site needs all sorts of skills and input to make it work. It needs sustained interest, commitment and it needs the belief that what we are doing is worth it. Everyone contributes whether it’s in the form of a picture shared, a question asked or a question answered.

The work of the Admins and Mods is often unseen but the commitment to running and maintaining the site is real and it never lets up. We have some very talented and motivated members but I think one of our great unsung assets is our very own Vizman. For those of you that don’t know, Vizman is an internationally acclaimed illustrator. Fortunately for us he has been a massive fan of OSS from the minute he found it. Viz has been instrumental in defining our visual identity through logo designs and sticker art.

Viz has plenty of paid work to do and he probably spends way too much time doodling OSS art but he does it because he enjoys it. We are lucky that we have such high caliber talent in our corner. Viz regularly produces OSS themed art which most of you never see and we felt that we needed to create a place on the site where Viz was able to share it for us all to enjoy.

We are lucky to have so many passionate people making our community what it is. This new OSS art page will be a direct link from Viz’s doodles to the front page of our site.


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