Happiness is a new sticker…

Our Creative Director Vizman has been busy of late. We decided to put our concerns about brand dilution in the” fuck it” bin where they belonged and instead we just had some fun and knocked up some crazy new stickers. You either love stickers or you’re wrong.

Our new stickers are available as complete sticker packs. There are 2 different packs, the air-cooled pack and the oil-cooled pack. Water-cooled boys and girls will just have to pop the kettle on and make do I’m afraid

Each pack has many of the same generic new OSS designs but it also has some engine specific ones.  Each pack will also contain the standard hammer sticker and some bonus Vizman custom art stickers.

These kits are £12.99 each with free postage. If you buy both kits you get them both for £23.99 with free postage.

You will find details of how to get them here in our for sale section but you will need to be a member with 50 posts or more to get access to the for sale section.

The stickers are good quality vinyl and I have tested these by applying 2K clear lacquer over these without any problem. Here are some actions shots of the stickers on my track bike.

Some more close ups..

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