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  1. davecara

    Turbo id

    That looks like a T3 to me?
  2. davecara

    GSX750 Inazuma tank replacement

    The smaller ET tank might not look too bad on a zoooma?
  3. davecara


    You've got the proportions dead on there IMO Beefier, modern RWU forks and modern 17" wheels and I reckon that'll look the tits!
  4. davecara


    Got it sorted now I think, still a little rich but pulls cleanly from idle up to around 9k. 130 mains, needles on the second clip from top and I’ve left the air screws about 4 turns out. It’ll get me round the island for a week and then i’ll do a couple of plug chops when I get back and look to lean it out a touch
  5. davecara


    1052 engine, BST36’s and pipercross pods. B12 headers and a baffled SP Eng can. Gsxr1100 standard coils, k1 B12 CDI running like a bag of shit below 4-5k drops a cylinder generally coughs and splutters. I’ve got a pair of good known coils on there from @Kid Kearsleyair screws 4.5 turns out and needles back on the middle clip. Any *helpful* suggestions? Not got chance to get it near a dyno as it’s going to the IOM tomorrow
  6. davecara

    efe wiring

    Cheers @Duckndivethat should do the trick
  7. davecara

    efe wiring

    Does anyone have a high res efe wiring diagram? Or better still, a list of pin outs for the plug into the clocks?
  8. davecara

    Clutch slave clearance issue

    Thought of that but my speedo pickup is on the end of the output shaft so I’m stuck using a mk2 blandit sprocket cover
  9. davecara

    Clutch slave clearance issue

    1052 Motor, 18t sprocket spacer out 6mm, 530 chain; just got it running somewhere near right, took it p the road and lost my clutch. Took the cover off to reveal the slave has been mashed by the chain. Any suggestions how to sort it? Can’t really space the cover out as the gear linkage won’t go back on I’m stuck with the 18t too as the chain hits the swinger with a 17t
  10. davecara

    Switching to injection from carbs?

    Very possible and has been done a few times here. Get yourself into General Chat and introduce yourself, RTFR and you'll find loads of help
  11. I’ve got a laser cut set of mine you can borrow?
  12. davecara

    Dyna 2000 ignitions

    Stick my name on the list then. Can’t go wrong at that money
  13. davecara

    Dyna 2000 ignitions

    Quite temped by these. Would I see much benefit over the standard B12 CDi on a turbocharged engine?
  14. davecara

    750 slabside lump??

    @slingy1157did a 750 if my memory serves me right, with ZX10 pistons
  15. davecara

    Awesome Oilcooled Pics