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  1. vizman

    Gia 1216

    looking as awesomely detailed as you described Barry, what you were gunna build..... we were very anihbria….enihbria…..eneeyby…..drunk.....
  2. vizman

    1216 bandit with modded airbox

    horror vacui* *'arris tottle
  3. vizman


    fitted the k&n air filter and bingo! she runs like how i imagine it should....big thanks to @KATANAMANGLER……. …….now, have i got enough matt blick rattle cans in stock?
  4. vizman


    back home i chatted with Katungamungla and went through some diagnostics......after some basic checks (fuel/air/spark) i tried a new set of plugs and booom, instantly running better. it's still running rich, but it looks like it may have had a full dynojet/k&n/pipe set up then put back to standard before YJ got it....apart from the dynojet kit, so Katungamungla has sent me a k&n filter to pop in to see if it makes it a bit leaner....before i splash out on needles n' tubes. apart from the rear end styling, fugly graphics and the slight fuelling issue i really dig it, i've done about 500miles on it now, it handles well and goes like fook, i thought it wasn't that rapid at first, but i bought a new speedo cable for it (as the speedo wasn't working) and realised that my 50-60mph bimblin' was more 90-110mph.... …..i'll test the k&n set-up tomorrow before i spend any serious Wonga on it. so cheers YJ, i like it more than i thought, and even with the slight fuel hiccup it's still a bargain
  5. vizman


    my first outing was no more than 20 miles......after 10 miles it started being real grumpy, eventually konkin'out…...bummer....ah well it was only rush hour on a bizzy slip road, so i pushed it half a mile to the services and awaited my rescue team......i was more pissed off that i had forgotten my fags, that's how deep nicotine gets you....evil weed.
  6. so after running out of funk-mojo to make maryzero-1 into a touring sickle, i decided to troll the net for a suitable steed to bimble about on. it had to be less than a grand, pretty standard, capable of 100+miles in between fuel stops and a suzuki. the stars aligned and Yoshi 'flying-sausage' johnny was selling an rf900, at a price i could afford....he even delivered it....bonus. now mr YJ is an honest chap and all round good egg, the bike was a relatively unknown quantity and we agreed that it may need some tlc. it had nearly new tyres, chain and sprockets and everything worked.....it was a bit grumpy at around 3k, but it had been sat for a long time. RatFink9000
  7. vizman

    My Project GSX1100xx

    did he paint it after you bought it ?
  8. vizman

    My Project GSX1100xx

    look in the archives.....i'm sure @Captain Chaos did a piece
  9. vizman

    My Project GSX1100xx

    welcome to OSS.info
  10. vizman

    Voltage when off

    it will run without the alternator wired in, or with just the red......but only for so long as it'd be 'total loss'
  11. vizman

    Voltage when off

    like he said above, it won't. from the alternator the red feeds back to the battery, the orange feeds back to the red via a kill/on-off switch, the orange should also supply the power feed to whatever you are using ( coils/starter switch/instruments/gauges/oil warning etc) via correct rated fuse and wire.
  12. vizman

    Draw through turbo set up Bandit 600

    no worries dude we've all had cheap fun power ideas.....then you get a boost fix, and it's never enough....god damn the pusher man, i've been clean for 2 years, but lost 3 years to boost and another 4 to noz program trying to get me offer'it. there's some real hardcore boost heads on here......one of them trying to mainline a gsxr400
  13. vizman

    Draw through turbo set up Bandit 600

    welcome to OSS.info have a read through the forced induction section....gather some basic info then start a build thread in the projects section..... .....you can turbo the b6, but it ain't gunna be a whole lot cheaper going draw-through as apposed to blow-through, unless you have a carbon sealed snail and a s&s e/g or mickyrooney laid about..... ....have a read through the forced induction section then realise you want more!
  14. like i said, R.T.F.R...... ....all are welcome