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Events suggestion thread


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Just a thought that as OSS is a real community and not only a Virtual Community we need to have more events tagged onto existing established or existing with potential to grow events so this could be the place to float ideas of events that people already attend or think an OSS prescence would be worthwhile.

I will Start it off,


Newark Classic , Jan 5-7th (OK to late this year but this is a great season starter just after new year and is growing)

Donington Classic( already has its own thread)

Cadwell ( already has its own thread)

Peterborough Classic (dates to follow)

St Ives Festival of Motorcycles,( in its 4 th year and growing)25th July

Boston Bike night ( well established has been running for ever) 6th July

Brackley Festival of Motorcycles(dates to follow) established event

Copdock Bike Show (dates to follow) established event

Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb (been going since moses came of the mountain on his Triumph)dates to follow

Prescott Hill climb, (another well established event) dates to follow, 30,000 plus attend this event


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watching the oss muscle wrestling around the track (and the pits/paddock) at cadwell was far far far more interesting than shuffling around an indoor bike park looking at show ponies, the effort put into that kinda' thing outshines oss attending every and any two-bit W.I. organised cake stand raffle bike show.....

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