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  1. Yeh I realise that. Cheers But what stock Suzuki carbs with nothing more than an inlet rubber swap.
  2. Premier Inn West again is it then . Already booked mine
  3. Couple of BMW pads that are close and may work with a bit of trimming FA294 81x45.9x7.7 or FA613 81x45.9x9.4 Same pad but different thickness
  4. Its a late 81 so I have to wait a bit yet . Well it was imported to the UK and registered in 97 so DVLA gave it a manufactured date of December 81 bastards. If I could prove earlier I would get onto them to change it. I have a Big Tank to go on but it needs a bit of work
  5. Just had this old girl out again after doing the carbs. I really had forgotten just how much fun these things are to scoot around on
  6. Thats my 750 et onthe road for the 1st time since i bought her in 2015. Pissed through the MOT but is running rich. Pulled the carbs , float valve seat seals hard and horrible, float heights at 20mm , spec is 24+/-1 lol and fuel tap is free flowing when it shouldn't. Carb repair kits and a new fuel tap that doesn't break the bank ordered. Tap repair kit for the old tap so i can put that on my BIG tank when I get it painted. Once the carbs are sorted its oil & Filter time and new tyres are required, front is a 2003 and rear a 2007 . Pic is of the bike as I bought it. It's still the same but the exhaust will be going for something a bit more fruity. Slabby 750 next ,then the 884M then the 884RK ,order subject to change depending a number of factors.
  7. I can normally find sprockets to convert most things to 530,525,520
  8. gsxr884

    884 gsxr749

    884 kit on a 749 is a 76mm bore, same as an 1127. I use 1127 head gaskets for mine , either OEM or Athena with a thin application of Wurth Flange sealer(or Wellseal) as recommended by Richard Albans at TTS
  9. Sorry guys haven't been in for a while , I really need to get back in the habit
  10. Sorry guys I have been a bit slack on keeping up with the goings on on OSS . I am on holiday at the moment back as of 14th January
  11. I have left my JT sprocket catalogue in the unit so cant find the JT 520 versions till tomorrow when I go in , Renthal do a 520 conversion but I may be able to find JT which will keep the cost down
  12. Same sprocket for Slabb and JK JTR 829 . I do JT or Renthal
  13. Looks like a slingshot dual outlet tap , main /reserve switching takes place inside the tap and always feeds both outlets .Straight feeds 1 & 2 bent 3&4
  14. I have just been talking to Robert Scott so I will have my CP Racetec Braided hoses stand there. I will try to get my 884 RK and 884M up and rideable for the event too . My Plan is to arrive on Wednesday evening
  15. Easiest route is a gas flow 3 angle cut and a 771 kit and then some proper carbs matched to a decent exhaust
  16. Yes there may be some compensation required regarding block height cam chain length/tensioner blades will be a problem if you shorten the block longer rods may be required ,once I have measured the pistons I will let you know
  17. I have spoken about this before but haven't got around to mocking up an engine yet. 2011 on I think ZX10R pistons are lightweight slipper 76mm so would give 884 on a 749 Gudgeon pins I think are 15mm possibly 16 I will have a measure. I have a set of 884 pistons to measure the ZX10R pistons against for pin to crown height and compare weight , I think the crown will be lower and they will be a LOT lighter
  18. I can supply the tube and I have guys that I use to swap the knuckle over as it can be troublesome. Even experienced guys cant do them all without stripping the thread in the knuckle
  19. Leaving my house at 6.00am on Thursday heading through Le Tunnel and on to Spa , should get there about 5.00pm local time . Plenty time to set the Gazebo up and find somewhere to pitch tents, looks like the trade area is all hard standing so no tent pegs. May be kipping in the Gazebo and Van .
  20. gsxr884

    TT meet

    Bus is good Taxis are expensive after 23;00
  21. gsxr884

    Event city show

    Where is everyone staying I need to book an hotel
  22. gsxr884

    Event city show

    Stand space booked, Stands numbers 513/514 , see you all there
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