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3 minutes ago, bernardo said:

thanks for the info, just what I needed to know. I've been following the build for a while so its looking good. Kind of regret swoping my VJ21 for a full yosh ti system for my race bike.

We've all been there mate it's always needs must in this game hope the pipe was worth the swap :)

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  • 2 months later...

Another 2 months passes and I’m just posting a small amount of progress,Lh carb off the bike today.

Thought I’d check all screws etc will loosen ready for the fizzy bath and rebuild.

Found the previous owner didn’t use the right screwdriver and put 1 of the float bowl screws back in knackered...thanksO.o

Had to hacksaw across the screw to get it out,will replace later,everything else came loose just need to bath it all when I’m home again.





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  • 2 weeks later...

Back from abroad at last  :) carb stripped and cleaned today,will do the other one when I’m back again.

Need a trip to Allen’s performance to get a few replacement parts ready for the refurb,progress is slow but any progress is a bonus when you spend more time away than at home:)



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  • 2 months later...

Every time I post some progress here I look at the last date and it doesn’t seem to be coming together anywhere near fast enough,I can blame Christmas or work or whatever but it’s down to me making time,lost my enthusiasm for this 2 stroke money pit for quite a while.

A few cold hours in the shed today and a bit of progress at last,even planning some time tomorrow:)

Fitted new headraces and bearings today,refitted the triple clamps and temp fitted the forks:tu

Depending on the size of my hangover tomorrow it will or won’t affect further progress Sunday  O.o






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Braved the outdoor shed today and managed a few hours before I couldn’t feel my feet anymore

Torqued the fork clamps and paint marked, temp fitted the front wheel and the refurbed calipers.



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Cleaned and painted the pump housing and fitted back onto the clutch casing looks ok just used some cheap aluminium spray from Halfords.

New kickstart seal fitted too,and popped in some fresh plugs ready to refit the engine.







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1 minute ago, vizman said:

i bought one of these from pagetts in batley many moons ago.....thanks to student loans, i had enough crayons and shoplifted most of my meals for the next few years.

:D I could do with a student loan to get it finished....just need to find a student that needs to rent a room....Rosemary have we got the cash from their wallet before I wall them up.........O.o if you need me I’ll be in the shed with my chainsaw...I mean working on the smoker;)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Carb no.2 off the bike,stripped and 30 mins in the fizzy bath,temp fitted all parts for now with a touch of gt85 to expel any moisture.

Need to save up the pennies for a trip to the local carb specialists to gather parts for the refurb :D






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  • 2 weeks later...

Afternoon in the garage today,got the swingarm out ready to clean and fit new bearings.A few more seized bolts to drill out.....bugger...O.o

Cleaned the cushion lever just so I could inspect the bearings and spacers,bad news is they are well knackered :( they were stuck fast with dried grease and have even managed to wear themselves through the spacers due to lack of rotation 

More expense :| this thing will be on the road this year but my plan for May looks a bit too optimistic due to cash flow and time,but I reckon it will be done by the summer I hope :)






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5 hours ago, busa1300 said:

I had to do the same on my VJ23.... getting the bearings out of the swingarm was not fun....

I’m hoping a bit of heat and my blind bearing puller do the job,but it’s normally a right pig of a job,any helpful tips?


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Nice build, Si! I had the same bother with sw/arm and linkage bearings too. Tried all ways to get them out, including weld on the outer cage to contract. Still no movement. Ordered a blind bearing puller, bit gentle heat, and they were out in 10 minutes! Well worth the money! What you up to in Greenland, then?

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Drilled the head off the seized bolt on the hugger and got the bastard out for once with my easy outs :D

Torque arm cleaned up and painted,new swingarm bearings fitted after giving the arm a clean up.Its got some battle scars from footrests digging into it from its past life.

Few clean up jobs tomorrow if my hangovers not to bad O.o






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