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its an rgv all right, from thee banana arm model. engine spins freely and has compression, it has the carbs and airbox, coils, radiator, powervalve motor and junction box and the exhausts which both must have come out on the same side, there are one or two other bits and bobs, from what i can see all thats missing is the kickstart lever, the gear lever and the cdi box. i cant really complain as it was free! my mate got the rolling chassis which alreeady has a h###a xbr 500 engine fitted to it.

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It's a vj22 then lots of power and programmable power valves if you fit a zeeltronic to it should give a guaranteed 60 bhp,and it was free not very often you here that good luck with the project 


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guy bought it with 16k miles on it, ran it for a few months, then built up a big single powered bike using th h~~~a engine, it was a popular persuit at one time, using big thumper motors in little sweet handling stroker chassis. anyhow, just after he completed it, and beforee he got the chance to paint it and finish fettling it, he had a big off on his other bike , a 750 h~~~a and spent 2 years recuperating with his legs a bit mashed up. eventually he sold his house and put the bike and all its bits into his parents garage, and moved to spain, intending one day to return and pick up where he left off. then a dozen years go by and his parents decide to emmigrate to live with his sister in australia and the bike has to go. so he put it on an internet forum im on for free, with all the original rgv spares, because his parents were moving imminently and the bike was literally a day away from going to the scrapman. we went down to pick it up yestrday and i let my mate have the bike cos i need a project bike like i need a hole in the head, but i kept the rgv stuff for me.


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On ‎02‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 7:58 AM, Simbec1863 said:

Between 55 and 60 bhp depending on condition of engine

You can make RGV engines produce more - low 70's relatively easily with the right porting job, exhausts, and ignition. But they get rather prone to breakdown and need regular top end inspections.

Alternatively stick an RG570 engine in there and you can have 125hp with the right exhausts and ignition.

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  • 1 month later...

Almost collected all the parts I think I need ready for the rebuild.....cleaned the fuel tap in the my fizzy bath and fitted a repair kit to stop the annoying leak, won't be able to see if this has worked until the tank is back on after some derusting/cleaning.

Waiting for a price for a new rear shock(Nitron) and some Samco hoses from @gsxr884 aka Rich at CP Racetech then will bite the bullet otherwise this RGV will never get rebuilt.

Over the next couple of weekends the plan is to replace the headstock bearings and rebuild the front end with my new callipers and hoses, then get it back on its wheels for the first time in over a year or is it longer...I can't remember.

Collecting together the few parts I need powder coating and will get these sorted some time in July once I've been paid again....:),will take a few pics at the weekend to liven things up:banana:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Spent the day a Cadwell watching some quality Suzuki's doing there stuff on track, saw a few RGV's which has kicked me up the backside to get this thing back together.

Carbs off and ready to be stripped down, quick phone call to my friendly carb spare supplier to check their stock just in case I need more parts than I planned for.

Will stick them in the fizzy bath at the weekend then see whats worn and what isn't.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well in between rain today thought I should carry on the strip down and clean on the RGV,dragged the frame out the garage and stuck on the stand while I stripped the front end.

Got the old brakes and lines off with a bit of swearing can't believe that someone previously tightened the banjo bolts on the calipers and rounded the bolt heads off,they'll be going in the bin as I've got new lines and bolts ready to fit.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Got the dremel out to remove the bottom race then gave the bottom yoke a wire brush and clean with white spirit.

Masked it off and gave it a coat of silver just to tart up it,did the bracket while I was at it,hopefully get a 2nd coat later.





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2 hours ago, bernardo said:

slightly off topic but what model and where did you get your ultrasonic cleaner. I need to buy one

As Swiss says loads on eblag I got mine in the sale from Maplin quite a few years ago it's ok for small stuff but its only a diy one

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30 minutes ago, bernardo said:

Yeah Maplin  are doing one for £89 not sure of the size I need though

The one I got was the largest diy one they did it was about £80 a couple of years ago it just fits 1 carb in or loads of bits and bobs or as you can see in the photo a lower stem just fits I'll check the model number for you

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