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Not bought a heater yet but as I’m an old skool tight bastard  :D so I thought I’d layer up and get a few hours in the garage again this afternoon 

Need to get the bearings out the cushion lever so left it on the rad in the kitchen for a few hours than heated it with my heat gun then started to use all my techniques to drive/pull the old bearings out. Took an hour and a half and all’s good ,just need to clean it up with some scotchbrite and get some new bearings.

Another job ticked offxD





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Got the battery box out went to clean it to find the parts washer fluid frozen solid :( and removed loads of rusted and seized bolts,cleaned up the rear wire harness and plugs, then retreated back inside when my feet went dead :D





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don't look like ya had much snow fall. got about eight inches here.  wad ya moaning about being cold? ha ha. -10 during the day this way.  my hands stop working at 10 degrees!. can't wait till spring! need to do so much but cant get to my workshop at mo. think the council for got how to clear the roads , most road are blocked. grrr.

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Ordered all the parts I need for the spare wheels and rear caliper rebuild,some good savings reckon I saved a couple of hundred quid off full price in the Suzuki sale:tu

Cleaned the chain and refitted tonight,painted a few more bits and popped on the new rear brake line,day off tomorrow so hope to get some all day shed time once the boss goes shoppingxD

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New clutch lever and lh switch gear fitted, oiled all the cables that aren’t getting replaced.

Refitted the footrests with the proper bolts even managed to fix the dust cover on the ignition switch that was stuck open :)

Fitted a HRC style reservoir for now until I can sort something better and fitted the clipons 





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