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Oldskoolsuzuki track-day and get together Cadwell July 2016

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Wahey....i have done the last three PS Trackdays and i thoroughly enjoy them and recommend them.They are very relaxed and full of like minded enthusiasts who,unlike some public events, don't dick around on track but still cane their prized possesions.A massive range of bikes/pornography and last years Suzuki special was the icing on the cake.I am not a fan of riding in the wet (bad teenage experience)but decided to think what the hell when it rained one year.I still enjoyed it and found my confidence growing on every lap.I am not the fastest by any means but this year i will have to go in the fast class which could be embarrassing lol....

Dont think about it...just book it. ;)

I may be only doing Saturday due to work commitments,possibly staying Friday night if time allows.If not i normally travel up early Sat morn.

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2014 WAS wet lol.I remember going to park ferme,just me and one other on a TZ250 from our group.We both got drenched and i remember laughing with the guy when he took his boot off and tipped all the water out of it.....They then stopped racing due to a flooded track just before the mountain.

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Guest YoshiJohnny

OK the bookings are now being taken, if anyone wants to book on for the trackdays....Saturday, Sunday or both then you need to be fairly quick as there are already a lot of people booked via the website. I need to know who, what bike, track experience if any (not neccessary to have had any) and payment... once I get a block of 5 I will book those 5 people on.... so far there are 3 of us so we need 2 more to make the first five up...please get in touch with ME if you want to do the track thing.

The prices are here but DON'T book via the website or you won't get a discount


lots of other good info on there, I would recommend EVERYONE sign up for some one on one track tuition...first session is free and they ask for a small donation to NABD for any further help if you want it.. Anything anyone has a question or worry about please ask.. it's a really good way of rattling round a circuit WITHOUT a bunch of meat heads on R1s who all think they are Rossi..


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The absolute best bit last year was the Sunday lunchtime charity ride round. If you donate a fiver then you can ride round on ANYTHING, me and a mate had out monkey bikes there, st70/cf70, so we wnet round on them, flat strapped 38mph down the back straight, what a hoot.... slipstreaming each other for 3 laps, all we could do in 20 minutes.:$ every now and then getting lapped buy a bunch of road bikes. There was a marshall with so we didn't get run over and we could hear him lauging inside his lid as we tried to take off over the mountain!!!

I really hope they do it again this year, as I now have a 1979 FZ50 Suzuki moped, top speed 32mph..:tu:tu

Anyone got an AP50???????

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